Friday, August 20, 2004

so I'm bored at work....

and I'm staring at my Noro Cash Iroha. You'd think I could be bothered to actually work right now but I work too many hours so I have to take three hour lunches every day, but I never leave the building and it's about 90 degrees in Atlanta today and the homeless people are urinating all over the sidewalks in front of the building, and the rats, which a few weeks ago were about the size of my 15 pound cat, are now twice that size so I can't go outside. If I sit at my desk and knit or read I will be interrupted by someone who will snidely comment about how sorry they are to interrupt me while I am "hard at work."

I finished the back of the sleeveless turtleneck shell (which will be hot as hell when I'm done and still not warm enough for work) last night while watching four episodes of Detective Conan last night and I cast on for the front this morning on the way into work, in the carpool, in the dark, thereby miscounting fifteen times, never getting the same number of stitches twice, so I finally had to hand it to one of my employees and ask him to count it for me because clearly 6 AM is not the time for me to be counting stitches.

Tomorrow The Man Who Lives in the House is dragging me to Family Fun Day! at BellSouth. This is where all of the people bring their screaming brats in to see their Dilbert-esque cubicles filled with Dilbert cartoons and proprietary, confidential work products which should have been shredded years ago and have not been because nobody has instructed the employees or contractors on proper records management practices since I was "outsourced" (laid off) from BellSouth. The screaming brats will throw all of these proprietary documents around, and nobody will avail themselves of the handy-dandy locked bins clearly marked with the sign "DO NOT USE FOR DEAD ANIMAL STORAGE" which were so thoughtfully purchased for records destruction. Isn't it clear that records go in those bins?

Of course, Family Fun Day! means no Dunwoody Yarn haunting.

Glove count for my brother's girlfriend's upcoming fashion show: 1/2
Promised number of gloves: 10 (or 5 pairs)
Future delays to gloves: possible website devoted to pudding


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Eek on the rats/screaming kids on FFD/no Dunwoody Yarn day. :-( But at least it's Friday!

Janice in Duluth

12:55 PM  

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