Tuesday, November 27, 2007

discipline is his passion now the stench is done

What the cock is up with the orange line? I get on the train headed toward Vienna at Farragut West. I see, on the handy dandy board as I'm getting on the train, that the next train toward Vienna is nine minutes away.

But when I get off the train at West Falls Church, the next train is one minute behind my train.

How come I am always on the loser slow train?

Anyhoo. Stuff I've been working on. A lot of stuff, really. Here's some yarn.
Karabella Merino Superwash, in autumn why the fuck did Starbucks have to change to Christmas Peppermint White Chocolate Mocha so fucking early colors for a granny square blanket for my brother and his girlfriend and their dog and cats.
I crocheted several of the squares at BWI waiting for a flight and at Crazy Lady and Rambo's house and there's much beagle hair in the squares, so the squares will come pre-dog-haired. In my week there, Rambo hinted strongly about a scarf, not knowing I had already made him one (Karabella Iris - merino, silk and cashmere) and it was blocking in my apartment
although it's really burgundy, not quite this red. I learned the Russian join from Amber on this scarf.

It's fun to learn new techniques.