Wednesday, February 27, 2008

i don't know why but i'm tired of my mind

So I'm happily knitting alone on the Somewhat Cowl with some BEAYOOOOOOOOOUTIFUL teal Blue Sky Alpaca and Silk (from Stitch DC) and I was almost done, DONE, I tell you, with the raglan increases, we're talking about 10" of raglan increases here, when I discovered this:
Do you see it? Two stitches. Two edge stitches, about 2.5" inches down, WELL BEFORE I changed to the second ball of yarn, I somehow...just...stopped knitting them. And they weren't just hanging out loose like, that, oh no. I would have noticed that. They were somehow tangled with the row above it to HIDE the thing.

What the fuck? I realize this is the first thing I've done in awhile (I stopped knitting when I broke my ribs and injured my knee/got a hairline fracture in my patella from ice skating with Amber), but I didn't have to come back to complete and utter fucking disastrous failure, did I? Really?

One and a half hours later (exactly ten male American Idol singers, to be precise, most of whom pretty much sucked and blew goats), I had threaded my size 2 Addi Lace needles through a far, FAR lower row, rethreaded four times, and frogged.
Yeah, it's fixed, but now I have to reknit about five trapezoidal inches.

Maybe knitting just isn't for me anymore.