Monday, June 27, 2005

i just want to say...

For those of you who are hard at work, creating your greatest masterpiece ever in honor of my upcoming 31st birthday, please, please, whatever you do, please hold back on creating this masterpiece.

Really. You're too kind but there's honestly no need to go to so much effort for little ol' me.

Does anyone else receive the piece of total fucking crap that is the Herrschner's catalog? I'm not saying they don't have nice yarn, for good prices. I am merely asking if I am the only one subjected to the horrors of items such as this sequined patriotic bear banner.

It's sequined! But it's a kit! You sew the sequins on yourself!

What's good about it? I can use it to discover that Bernat has gone completely Wonder Bread white, and created a yarn called Bling Bling. I'm not knocking the yarn itself, mind you; if I ran across it in a Michael's and I liked it I would buy it, yarn slut that I am. But actually naming the yarn "Bling Bling" removes the street cred of the term itself, and converts it into the same soulless wonder as my little old lady white gospel barbershop chorus does to every Duke Ellington or "Tuxedo Junction" type of song out there.

My favorite slogan in this Herrschner's catalog?

"Shinin' and Stylin' - Disco is Back, Jack!"

Friday, June 17, 2005

nothing to see, move along...

As I knew would happen, I am working too many hours and otherwise am feeling odd over the Dad-dying thing to blog much. And I have nothing to say.

I attended a going-away party last night for someone I've only known a short period of time, but I consider her to be a friend.

In the meantime, another person has escaped the evil clutches of Napoleon and is leaving. I hear he is in a panic. I am sure he somehow blames me for everything. Since he never backfilled my position, now nobody will know how to do what I did.

Sometimes, revenge is a dish best served late.

Monday, June 13, 2005

aujourd'hui, papa est mort

With apologies to Albert Camus for changing the first line of The Stranger, but my mother is still alive. My father loved that book, and taught it many times to college students everywhere.

One year ago today, my father died.

With the recent news about my cousin and my changing life, I'd like to reflect on my father's passing. I have reflected on him previously here, so I won't bore you with the details.

I discovered on February 14, 2004 that Dad was terminal. He had a failing liver and his kidneys were giving out. He was not eligible for a transplant and he declined dialysis, feeling the State of Wisconsin could better spend its welfare monies elsewhere.

My father literally drank himself to death. About ten years ago, he had gone through his entire pension from early retirement. I shudder to think of how much vodka that is.

He lived for quite a bit longer than expected after February, and passed away in a state-run nursing home in June.

I spent my flight to Appleton, Wisconsin knitting like a fiend. I waited in the airport for my stepfather to come, but his flight got cancelled. I rented a car and drove to the Green Bay airport, where I knit like a mad woman. My brother's flight was delayed. I never stopped knitting. My brother drove us to Sturgeon Bay.

And I knit.

We took the ferry to Washington Island and scattered the ashes.

And I knit.

My brother and I fought constantly.

And I knit.

I went into quite a depression last year, and knitting was the only thing that kept me sane. Between September and December, I didn't really blog much, because I became even more depressed, but knitting still kept me sane. With everything going on with Napoleon, the only thing that kept me on this plane of existence was knitting and the blogging community.

So, I want to say thank you, to everyone reading this post right now. Whether you were blogging back then or are new to blogging or just happened upon this page by typing "let's fuck on the couch," thank you. I read you and then I became one of you. You have helped me through many difficult times this past year, and my life is better for it.

(this is posted by itgirl and not trixie)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Suck UP

Originally uploaded by Trixieintransit.
Damn her nose is brown !

Yeah, she's busy dogsitting the Boss' Boss' dog. In the process she gets to see the yet unfinished remodel project.

Now I am not jealous or anything but I have been sympathizing with said Boss for ages about this remodel and I HAVE NOT SEEN THE RESULTS.

So I am a little miffed that SHE WHO WILL NOT BE DENIED got to see it first. She was the first to blog. The first to knit. Sigh. Sometimes you'd think this blog was all about HER.

Chickie Woo Lives Here

i live here
Originally uploaded by Trixieintransit.
When she isn't sucking up to management by babysitting Bull Mastiff's named can find She Who Will Not Be Denied living at this dump.

Good to Know Baby

liquor store
Originally uploaded by Trixieintransit.
Need a quick pickup - there's always the corn'r liquor store. Convenient. Cheap.

Not Very Presidential

reagan bldg
Originally uploaded by Trixieintransit.
The Reagan Bldg in DC is dedicated to International Affairs. But it isn't very Presidential...not too inspiring.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Need to Throw His Crap Out FAST - Call 1-800-CHUTES

So our little girl is running around Washington DC with her very own camera phone. What does she see that inspires her to take and send a photo ? Why the 1-800-Chutes logo on the side of the black debris chute. I often wonder what makes her tick. Should I be concerned ? Should we have a camera phone intervention ? I am glad that she is getting her $ worth but really - couldn't she be taking snaps of a hunky guy with ice cream ???Posted by Hello

What's that cool air on my bum ?

Now I am not sure why she brought the camera phone into the BATHROOM with her....but upon seeing that the window was open, this photo was taken. Apparently one of the roommates likes to leave the bathroom window open and Itgirl is sometimes surprised in the wee naked hours of the night.  Posted by Hello

Photo Tour of Washington DC - Compliments of the House

Guess who bought a camera phone this weekend ? Yup. Now we are being treated to a photo monage of "A Day in the Life". First up: Dupont Circle at Sunset in Washington, DC. Posted by Hello

Cloning - Is it for you ?

The Trouble Twins review Trixie's blog. Notice the matching shirts ? Not planned at all. Posted by Hello

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Where's Mommy ???

Jack needs your loving. He is beside himself with grief. He is all but passed out from crying all day long. Can't you tell ???Posted by Hello

Metro Barbie and Wonder Blogger

Over banana cream pie and whipped cream, Itgirl requested guest blogging services whilst she cavorts with her minions in the DC Metro area. Reluctantly, I agreed. Afterall isn't this the job of WONDER BLOGGER (aka Rabbitch) ??? I feel unworthy. However I am easily swayed by sweets especially cream pies.

Sweets. Ugh.

Yesterday I visited the dentist for the first time in almost 3 years. I was going regularly until mid-2002 when the new dentist I was using in Atlanta informed me I had 10 cavities. WTF ? How did I go from "lovely teeth" six-months ago at my Florida dentist to 10 cavities with this assbeagle ?????

Obviously someone needed money for their upcoming cruise and my mouth looked like a sucker. Now I like suckers as much as the next guy but not as much as Kojak .. so I decided to pass on the fillings.

When we moved to DC, I was just overwhelmed with things to do and people to see. There was no time and by the time someone recommended a dentist, I was starting to pack to come back to Atlanta.

WaWa knows that I have a deep suspicision of dentists as a result of the cavity/crusie episode. So while he is getting some early morning coffee and wood chips, he happens into a dentist in a strip mall. WaWa finds out that they take our dental plan and signs us up. Next thing I know he is getting his teeth cleaned and complaining about how rough the hygentist was during the procedure. Yes, these are exactly the kind of comments that I WANT TO HEAR before going myself. Of course then Itgirl and the Man Who Lives in The House chime in with their negative experiences and before you know it I am trying to flee.

So yesterday, the dentist really surprised me. In practice for 8 years, she started her own practice because she and her previous employer could not reach an agreement on standards of care. So she would not buy into his practice. The office is neat as a pin. They only see 2 patients at a time - usually only 1 patient at a time. The hygentist and the dentist both clean and polish teeth. In fact the dentist did my procedure from start to finish. The chair comes with a massager unit, two tvs, and music headphones. You just listen to your choice of music and get a massage while they are working away on your teeth. She also used a camera to show me various angles of my childhood filling. The photos were then saved to a library all about ME and MY TEETH. This was so funny ! She talked to me for quite a while about my previous dental experiences and sent me home with full-size "samples". All of this and NO CO-PAY. My teeth are lovely. I have no cavities and she almost fell out of the chair when I told her about having 10.

So when WaWa returned, I explained how terrific this dentist was and what a good job he did at picking her out (wink wink nudge nudge).

WaWa's face pickled up like a prune. What massager ? What music ? What camera ? Why did SHE clean your teeth ? Suddenly he was the one not so enamoured with the dentist.

Sunday, June 05, 2005

learn to live like an animal in the jungle where we play

Party pictures!

In honor of all ye who, as I do, are fucking creeped out to shit by monkeys, simians, gorillas, orangs, etc., I bring you pictures from the party that Trixie and The Man Who Lives in the House threw for me as a welcome home. Here we have yours truly with Party Monkey:
Creepy as all fuck, isn't it? (The monkey, I mean, not me.)

WaWa is sitting here with Trixie, acting like he's the Grand Poobah of the Party. We let him think that. It keeps the peace and makes him feel important. After all, he is but a boy.
And we had one where Trixie appears to be clapping, at what, we have no clue:
Lastly, after the party has been going awhile, someone's going to get wasted.
And there we have it, proof that I can have a party and not get injured.

Speaking of injuries, I know you're all anxious to see how the roller skating party fared. I did not fall. I did not injure myself in any manner, except matbe some pulled muscles from skating too much and a bruise where the roller blades dug into me. It was an 80s themed party, and yes, thank you all, we did go with the Care Bears cake for my friend.

And speaking of Care Bears, I took this quiz, and I am Bondage Bear.
Bondage Bear
Bondage Bear

Which Dysfunctional Care Bear Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla
In keeping with the bondage theme, of sorts, The Man and I dressed up as punks for the skating party.
Classy, ain't I?
Never one to go half-hog on anything, The Man got into the spirit of things as well.
Yes, he is wearing eyeliner. Such a cute couple we made, roller-skating hand in hand to 80s music around the rink.
For a last bit of amusement, just picture The Man walking into Publix dressed as this, purchasing the Care Bears cake.

'Nuff said.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

i love paris in the springtime...

That Paris Hilton Carl's Jr. commercial has served the purpose of getting the Cole Porter song "I Love Paris" stuck in my head. The cold and rainy unseasonable Atlanta weather is only solidifying its presence in my brain.

So, the marvelous Colette emailed me some pictures from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Orgy. Colette seemingly has a knack for taking the far and above absolutely worst pictures of me ever taken. Here we have me talking to the Harlot:
Can there be a worse picture? Oh, yes, there can.
This was me buying that wonderful alpaca cape. And then there's the picture of me posted on Colette's blog.

Enough about that. Clearly, I am not photogenic. My "cool hair" never comes through in pictures, so it even looks semi-organized here, and not like the streaky Raggedy Ann-esque mop that it is.

And I bought so much stuff at MD S&WO that I had to dump a slew of it on Beth's shoulders to ship to me in Atlanta. The remainder is in DC, because I couldn't bring it back here on my own. But if I ever get it together, you'll get a peek.

The Ram Wools people have NOT sent me my yarn for this yet, either.

I believe there's a conspiracy against me.