Friday, September 30, 2005

come back to the five and dime, jimmy dean, jimmy dean

The reason I got into movies in the first place... Would he have become the legend that he is now had he not died 50 years ago today?

thanks for voting...

my friend's band didn't win, but she appreciates your votes, inasmuch as it's possible for her to do so, because she's goth and therefore is depressed all the time.

when you see the southern cross for the second time

it may just be the last time, because the trip you were planning to Costa Rica is falling apart.

In any case, here's my new 'do:
So a bit more Louise Brooks than Clara Bow, now.

Can I get through this weekend without killing someone or myself?

Thursday, September 29, 2005

stop the world, i want to get off

Have you ever had like, twelve incredibly stressful things going on in your life at once? I'm so tempted to just give up. Not in a suicide way, mind you, but rather in a hole-up-and-pull-the-covers-over-my-head way.

The least stressful of these events is my friend's upcoming wedding, in which I am singing. This event takes place on Saturday. I believe I have gained too much weight to fit into my dress. The Man Who Lives in the House won't help me try on my dress to see if it still fits. He won't even try on his own suit, the fitting of which made us late for dinner with Trixie, Wawa and friends (although that was all Wawa's fault). The bridesmaid's dinner is tonight.

I got my hair extensions taken out, and my hair darkened and cut.

I am ignoring work phone calls today in favor of working on one project at work. I can only hope I get a tiny piece of it done before I drive to the middle of nowhere tonight for the dinner.

Wish me luck.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

happy birthday to v...

happy birthday, vitriola....

so much depends...

so much depends

a red front

painted with satin

beside the white

I won't apologize to the wonderful William Carlos Williams, perhaps my favorite poet, for that.


Anyone who knows about the saga of my red walls (which I can't recall if I blogged about before, or i Trixie did, or if nobody did, but long story short, it's been going on since January and I have blistering red walls) will know I am candidate for the "Contractor Stories from Hell" Award. The first contractor, after sending out four crews who fucked up my walls, floors, carpets and disappeared, eventually took off, and the second contractor never came after we hired him to do the job. So we got another company (cold call) to come out and give an estimate on Friday.

Today is Wednesday.

My walls are almost completely painted. There is no more blistering. No more "You must have lived in a Superfund site, ma'am"s. No more "Did you have a meth lab in here last year?"s. No more "Was there human sacrifice during the cult church services in your living room?"s.

I am going to marry my painter. He doesn't speak a word of English. I don't care. He fixed my walls.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

(not) my kind of town, chicago is

I'm on a flight now to Chicago for a conference and I forgot to do something really important before coming here.

I forgot to look up yarn stores in the Chicago area.

I know, I know, it's unforgiveable. I forgot to do the same when I went to Philadelphia a few weeks ago, but I was only there for one and a half days and I was working non-stop during that time except for when the really creepy guy started following me from restaurant to bar to greasy spoon.

Philadelphia, by the way, sucked. I have only been there a few times before, and it just plain sucked. And I could not find a decent restaurant in the Center City area.

Have I mentioned that I also hate Chicago?

So here I am, going to Chicago on a 7 AM flight. I feel asleep soon after takeoff and just woke up and pulled out my computer, and they said we were approaching O'Hare. So, I guess I slept through beverage service and the new and improved Delta snacks (your choice of Sun Chips, peanuts, animal crackers, cheddar cheese on wheat crackers, and a chewy chocolate chip granola bar).

People ask me what I'm up to these days. I tell them I live on an airplane. I'm pretty sure it's true.

In knitting news, I have been working on the second sock of a pair I began last summer for the now-defunct Candy Along. I am pretty far on it. I even have someone to give the socks to! I also, last night, from a bet placed with The Man Who Lives in the House in front of Trixie and Wawa last week, managed to clean my closet yesterday. I have rugburn on my knees and my back is giving out, but I have triumphed. I began by taking everything out of my closet that was on the floor and then slowly putting stuff back in. This made the closet clean, and the bedroom messy. The Man wasn't happy. But in doing so, I found the almost finished second Sex Glove, so I can even finish that! And I have been knitting the rockstar scarf from KNitty, albeit with a few changes.

Work is crazy right now.

Landing now. Gotta end this.