Sunday, December 16, 2007

it's getting to the point where i'm no fun anymore i am sorry

It's really hard to be depressed. It's even harder to admit you're depressed. And it's even harder still to live through your depression for months after admitting that your depressed.

So, here I am, depressed, yes, and the more "help" I seem to get, the more depressed I seem to get. Medicine has only changed my depression to a different type of depression. I want to hide out and not talk to anyone or see anyone or go anywhere or do anything.

I'm getting pretty successful at it.

The one good thing, if you call it good, I guess, is that I've lost an insane amount of weight. I don't have an exact number, but I've dropped somewhere around 3 or 4 full clothing sizes. Maybe about 75 pounds or so?
(This obviously isn't my everyday wear.)

So if I'm not blogging, well, I'm not doing anything, really.

I'm in the last stages of sewing up the I hate Starbucks blanket. Here are some pics.
It's twice as wide as this, actually.