Sunday, December 31, 2006

i just love your sexy ways now baby

I can't be bothered to post images of my other finished objects, but I'll tell you I finished the sex gloves. The first one was finished, as you can see from the post, on September 6, 2004. At which point I put them down, the second finished but for three fingers and a thumb, and didn't pick them up again until this week, having finished the second Corazon, which was blocking, so they are done, and blocked, and have been worn, even. The second looks like the first, which looks like this, as a reminder:
Both gloves together used less than one thingy of Koigu, KPPPPPPM, not KPM, which it looks like, unless it was mislabelled. Pattern made up by me, and it's amazing I could even finish it. I still have a significant amount of the thingy left to used for heels on socks in the future. Yes, one thingy of Koigu really does go far.

May you all be as happy next year as Imbrium is right now.

Saturday, December 30, 2006

here comes success here comes success here comes my car here comes my car

Remember the exam? I got the results yesterday.
Now I get fancy letters after my name.

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

me and my teddy bear we love to play and play

A friend and a baby, and I made her a Bobbi Bear. She got it last week, and the girl was born on December 12th. The bear is sooo much bigger than the baby. And no, I don't have a picture with the baby. And yes, I was too lazy to put the nose on.
And the pattern called for six or seven skanks of Blue Sky Bulky and I used four. FOUR. WTCITS?

me and my teddy bear we love to play and play

A friend and a baby, and I made her a Bobbi Bear. She got it last week, and the girl was born on December 12th. The bear is sooo much bigger than the baby. And no, I don't have a picture with the baby. And yes, I was too lazy to put the nose on.
And the pattern called for six or seven skanks of Blue Sky Bulky and I used four. FOUR. WTCITS?

Friday, December 22, 2006

gotta listen to your big time hard line bad luck fist fuck

So the mother-in-law requested fingerless gloves for xmass, so I made her Fetching. I kept the picot edge because I guess I actually kinda like the way it matches the way the cast on edge looks. I wore these every day for a week so they kinda started to pill. Made from Mission Falls 1824 wool purchased at Stitch DC.
People asked about my nail polish in the last post. It was three different colors mixed together. I don't know the names of the colors, sorry. But as a present for The Man Who Lives in the House, I got absurdly long nails today.
More than twice as long as they had been; I think they're about an inch. Not quite nine inches long, though.

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

makes you want to feel makes you want to try makes you want to blow the stars from the sky

I finished the first Corazon tonight while watching to schmaltzy but good Akeelah and the Bee with my roommate. The yarn is stash. Yes, I know. Stash, you say, Rebecca? You actually use stash instead of hoarding it? Why, yes. Yes, I did. The pink is this fabulous yarn the amazing New Zealander Sarah sent me that I like to call the kitchen sink yarn because it has alpaca, merino, mohair, and silk, and maybe bison, yak, camel, cotton, qiviet, and rayon as well. No, really, just the first four.
And it's truly amazing yarn and that's the pink, and the purple is Filatura di Crosa 501 merino wool in the same color I made the cardigan I gave Rabbitch.
The third picture, more a close up of my nails, did some color corrections with my lousy camera phone and shows a truer picture of the colors.
I may even keep these for myself.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

all good cretins go to heaven

Tonight's post is a little short cuz im like massicvely been ddrinking. Here;s a scarf i made of one skank of manos and two different balls of cracksilk haze and a thingy of handjob hobbies.
I made it for crazy lady oh emm gee this picture makes it look green. it isnt it's purple. wih a beige. ugh. thed good picture was on my other phone i suck.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

a cold is gonna take you and freeze away your tears

Has it ever happened, in the history of the world, that someone has knit too many presents for Christmaskwanzukkah, necessitating the continued storage of said items for an indefinite period of time?

'Cuz, I'm here to tell you, I did. Knit too much.

I know it doesn't look like it because of my lack of imageage, but that's just my sheer laziness and my having reached my free Flickrness limit and having to sync images via Bluetooth between my phone and MacBook Pro and then I lost my cell phone a week ago so I lost all of the pictures I was gonna put up. Like, my effed-ohs for the past six months or so.

But I wrapped gifts today since they have to all be mailed tomorrow and I debated whether or not to fly to the Bahamas for the holidays (seriously, I have the reservations on hold, not yet paid for, should I do it? The Man Who Lives in the House is game if I am) and realized I could take pictures with my cell-phone insurance-replacement phone.

So as not to overwhelm you, I'll show only one per post. Here's the earflap hat I made for The Man's aunt who's a total, er...umm. Well, there are no words. But I made it for her. One skank of Manos (yarn purchased at Stitch DC), my own made up pattern, with coaching from The Man ("Make the earflaps more curvy! Make the strings longer! Shift the flaps over! Add a pompon!")
Hopefully, it'll pass muster.

What am I saying? I don't give a fuck if it passes muster. What the cock is that shit? Why do I care about her? I don't. But maybe it'll cut down on the excessive vitriole towards my personage in the future.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

she said balls to you big daddy she ain't never coming back

Umm. Wow kinda loopy. Maybe not drunk but not sober either. I maight be drunk I dunno.

So, turns out pthers have dealt with the same weird shit I dealt with bas a child. Makes me feel not alone., Thanks.

Someone waqs really mean to me today and le it roll off my back.maybei in heaeeeelinbng.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

my weariness amazes me i'm branded on my feet i have no one to meet

You know when you remember something awful that happened to you and you didn't want to remember and it makes you sad and upset all over again?

I remembered something today I didn't want. to. But instead of talking about that, I'm going to talk about something else I also remembered today that's sad.

When I turned eight, my parents were throwing me a big birthday party. It was going to be my first co-ed party, and the first where it was an outdoor grilling in the park. My father rented one of the pavilions you can rent in the state park, and I carefully handwrote all of the invitations. I was allowed to invite 20 people, and I chose them carefully. While the party was taking place in July, most of the kids were in town, I knew, so most would be able to make it. I blew up balloons and got a new t-shirt and new pair of jeans and my Barbie dolls and Dixie cups to catch tadpoles in in the stream and a Frisbee and the Pac-Man kickball Crazy Lady gave me and my new sneakers and we got tons of hot dogs and hamburgers and American cheese and potato chips and macaroni salad and sodas and bags of ice and ice cream cups and chocolate cake and we went to the park at the appointed time and set everything up and Crazy Lady and Rambo and my father and my father's girlfriend were all there and had buried any hatchets to be there together at the same time.

And nobody came.

Nobody RSVP'd to my invitations. Nobody called. Nobody did anything.

They just...didn't show up.

Sometimes people wonder why I have a hard time trusting people, particularly friends. I truly do not trust people to be my friend, because why would they want to be? (in my mind, anyway)

I didn't write that to evoke sympathy, or make all y'all feel sorry for me. I apologize if it came across that way.

Sunday, December 10, 2006

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Monday, December 04, 2006

cut off his ears and chop off his head

I think it's the picture in this article that says it all for me. From the article: "Any man who would take on a position at a yarn store, much less a technological position while surrounded by a dozen women, ages 55+ deserves some kind of reward..."

Sunday, December 03, 2006

we're being taken for a ride again

So the cab driver tonight drove 100 miles an hour through the city and went some weird roundabout route and tried to charge me for three extra zones and I refused to pay and then I realized my zipper was undone and yeah, no underwear, all through the airport, flight, etc.

Let's see, ummm, I knit a pair of Fetchings today. Started this morning and wove in my last end as the flight landed. Mission Falls wool. Made an earflap hat, my own pattern, out of Manos, one skank. Played a whole lotta Zelda on my new Nintendo Wii, the best video game console ever made.