Monday, September 06, 2004

the sex gloves

Stealing Lisa's term in the comments, the general consensus was that the glove is "glovely" and that my nail polish is bewitching. Thank you, thank you very much. *insert bows to her adoring fans here* The nail polish is Essie's Lady Godiva. My nails are actually a bit shorter now than they usually are, but I assure everyone, I am nowhere close to being a hand model. My fingers are short and fat and stubby. I found that when I stopped biting my nails (only five years ago, which happened simultaneously when I quit smoking) and let my nails grow longer, my fingers give the appearance of a longer, leaner finger, when in fact they still require something like a size 9 ring and are weirdly short for my 5'8" frame. But I thank you for all of the compliments!

I was able to finish the first glove on Friday night, and it took about two hours (or two episodes of Quantum Leap reruns) to weave in all of the ends and make sure there were no holes. Herewith, a picture:
I feel very Madonna, c. 1984 with this glove on. Here's a picture of it off my hand, showing it as the Amazing Shrinky-Dink Glove:
You've got to love the way that K2, P2 rib streeeetches. The Man Who Lives in the House immediately dubbed it the Sex Glove and wanted...well, sex. Unfortunately, I started coming down with a cold on Friday and the rest of me was Not So Sexy. The Man said there was a real dichotomy between the Sexy Hand and the Frumpy Rest of Me. Isn't he a sweet talker? He insisted on taking a straight on shot of the Sex Glove to show off the True Sexiness of the Glove. I think it shows off my stubby fingers.
My cold immediately became full-blown so no knitting for the next few days, but I have managed today to avoid the dreaded Second Glove Syndrome, and I have two inches done on the second glove so far.
In more exciting news, Lynn has just started a business called WoolSoup, which offers handpainted fibers in marvelous colors. I was lucky enough to get the entire lot of Fairy Wings, which arrived on Friday. Such beautiful colors!
And the skeins are HUGE. To show perspective, I took a picture next to one of my new shoes.
Then I realized than none of you knew that I had feet the size of Godzilla, a size for which no shoe company except expensive Italian shoe companies such as Prada, Chanel, and Dolce and Gabbana even make shoes - why do shoe makers make shoes in sizes 6-10, 11? Why do those of us with size 10.5 feet not exist for regular, non-expensive shoe makers? We want to shop at normal shoe stores too! We are not freaks! - so this picture wouldn't make much sense, but you can see my very cute shoes nonetheless, and my obsession with Mary Janes. Here, then, is a picture next to a DVD, which I assume makes more sense to everyone in terms of scale:
I don't even know what to make yet with this wool. It feels marvelous. Perhaps an Aran sweater? I haven't made one since...1998? (Have I mentioned that I've been knitting for 23 years, and I just turned 30?) The possibilities are endless. Also included in the package:
a lovely cedar and lavender sachet. I just love that smell. Now that my sinuses have cleared and I can smell again.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That green yarn looks just like something I would buy. It's gorgeous! I just found WoolSoup through the RAOK but haven't bought anything. That'll change!

Green-Eyed Grrl

7:18 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yay! So glad the package made it safely. Bartlett does have nice big skeins. They've always been a favorite of mine, and when I found out the farm I get yarn from had it processed there made it all the sweeter.

The sachet is actually lavender, rosemary and chamomile :-) It's nice to put between your pillow and case if you want. Nice restful herbs :-) Cedar is a great idea though... might do another blend with lavender, cedar and eucalyptus. YUM!


10:27 PM  
Blogger Mattie said...

Yours are WAY more sexy than mine.

2:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hear you on the shoes! I'm not a 10.5, but I've got super wide feet. They used to be just wide, but after two kids they're super wide, I can't find shoes to buy that will fit me, and they hurt all the time. I'm going to the podiatrist today for my first visit. . . and I might just end up sobbing on his white coat if he can't help me. Too bad I can't knit myself some shoes -- I think knitting things to custom fit can spoil you for the rest of the world of noncustom apparel! ;-)


9:03 AM  

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