Friday, August 27, 2004

redheaded stepchild

Before anyone asks, and because right now you can only see a wee little picture of me in the profile, my hair is currently fire engine red, with some black and maybe some platinum blond in random places for fun. My natural hair color is a deep auburn, my hair naturally curls in a wavy state when it's long, such that 99% of the population would be envious, and I tend to detest it, and therefore chop it all off and keep it disgustingly short.
For fun, and for drama, and because I don't want to admit that I turned 30 a few weeks ago, I brighten the color. It's always some variation on red, although once, last February, it was platinum blond with fuschia in it, but even that can be considered red in some circles. However, I am not wholly unique in my redheadedness. Other people in the city, state, country and world have my hairstyle.

Why is it, then, wherever I go, that someone on the street looks at me, points, and says, "You're that girl from that show!"?

This phenomenon only occurs in Atlanta. The show in question is American Idol. In each of the past three seasons, there has been a single contestant who has had bright reddish or pinkish hair. In one case, the contestant was from Atlanta, which made everyone think I was she, or she was me, even though she would be on the show, live in Los Angeles, the night before people saw me on the street.

These strangers can never be dissuaded from their mission, which seems to be to get me to admit that I am, indeed, "that girl from that show" (despite the fact that until this year, I believe, there was an age limit of 25 on auditions anyway, I am usually wearing a work ID which identifies me as someone other than "that girl," and I just don't look like any of the three in question, anyway). They try to get me to sing for them. Now, I do sing, and I am in a chorus and a quartet. I used to be a semi-professional musical actress. I used to do nightclub / lounge acts. I used to sing in an industrial metal band (although I somehow don't think they want to hear that). So my singing to them will prove nothing. Do they want me to sing badly?
Because I can sing badly. It takes a trained voice to be able to sing very badly. Do they want me to sing well? What exactly do they want me to sing? Shall I break into song right there in the food court at Underground Atlanta? Shall I grab the nearest lightpost and imitate Gene Kelly? What should I do or say? I am at a loss.

Dunwoody Yarn today after work, and tomorrow! Yay! Plus, Zillah will be done tonight, and the gloves will be picked up again. No, really, they will be. Koigu is screaming out.


Blogger Amie said...

Well, you know I'd vote for the Gene Kelly impression.

Didn't you know all redheads (of which I am one) look alike? No, that's not quite true. All redheads with short spikey hair look like the chicks from American Idol, and all redheads with long hair (as I have) look like Pippi Longstocking.

And you're right. It takes talent to sing badly. I can knock your socks off with a showtune, or make your ears bleed... my choice. ;)

2:52 PM  

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