Wednesday, November 30, 2005

i tried to join a ping-pong club sign on the door said all full up

Liz asked if Matthew Lesko was wearing his outfit at the movies. Yes, he was. Question mark jacket and big glasses. He was alone and seemed to not want to speak to anyone or I would have accosted him for a picture.

So the Holey Sock is progressing and I'll have it done tonight but because it's so holey I don't know if I want to knit the second one just yet, I mean, how the fuck did I screw up the heel so much? I'll get a picture of it sometime so you can all laugh at me and mock me for it. Try something different for once and it blows up in your face.

However, I am itching to start on the Sugarplum Sweater from Handknit Holidays that Karida and I bought the yarn for for our own little KAL and then I find out there's a Handknit Holidays Knitalong already but do I want to join it? The only KALs I've ever done were nebulous except for one for my Charlotte which I still haven't started. I'm a Bad Joiner.

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i give up i give in you win this time

Eh. Nobody's trying. Click here to find out who I saw. You wouldn\'ve thought my last two Riddler references, plus the Frank Gorshin reference, might have done something for someone.

Maybe I'm just crabby because I'm sick, and I can't kick this bronchitis, despite my running through a course of antibiotics yet fucking again, this time Zithromax, along with nine, yes, nine, I counted them, nine boxes of Kleenex.

And now my voice is gone. Kaput. Kablooey. I sound pathetic.

And the boring sock I'm knitting is off on gauge and the heel is massively fucked up and holey. Why? I try to do a different heel for once in my life and it gets holey?

Monday, November 28, 2005

ask me why the birds fly free on a mackerel sky

There are more clues than I've admitted to giving you. Go back to the last post.

What happens when your cat attacks your sheep tape measure and claims it as his own?

Friday, November 25, 2005

tax free money not a problem that's no problem

And now you know my dirty secret. I can even quote Method Man.

I'm so proud, you've finally picked up on the money clue. Nobody got the answer, but it was the clue. The person I saw has something to do with money. And when I say "D" level celebrity, really, think low. Frank Gorshin would be higher than this person.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

we think we know what we're doing we don't pull the strings it's all in the past now

Five posts. Five clues. I'll grant you some leeway being that it's a holiday.

some people say it's folly but i'd rather have the lolly

*shaking head in disbelief*

Four posts. Four clues. What's the one thing that every post has in common? Find the common thread. Google it, if you must.

got a surprise especially for you something that both of us have always wanted to do

...and I'm reaching. Please. Someone get the clues, at least, before I gag. You're all thinking too high. None of you have picked the correct person from yesterday's comments.

And Ricardo Montalban is still alive, but I don't know that he was at the Sarah Silverman movie in DC on Saturday night. He seems more Southern California to me, but you'd know more about that, jenifleur, I've never been there.

been driving detroit leaning no reason just seems so pleasing

One person in yesterday's comments got the clue. Not the right answer, mind you, but the clue. I promise you, I give good prize. I won't say what yet because it depends on who you are. Why would I give you lace weight mohair if you hate knitting lace? What if you don't knit at all? If you're a sock knitter, do I have some sock yarn for you. Rest assured, I have enough stash to open my own yarn store. I just haven't been granted the time nor the money.

Go forth and guess. Multiple guesses per person allowed.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

why does anyone do anything i don't know i was really drunk at the time

Come on people, your lack of guesses for the blog contest is turning me into Grumpy Dwarf
Then again, it could just be me sick and cold. I finished the Uptown Scarf, as you can see. I was going to use more than two things of Blue Sky Alpaca Bulky (I have four) but with two, wrapped around my neck twice, with no fringe, the thing goes below my knees on both sides. I think I'll suck it up and buy the worsted and add fringe. And make a second one as a gift for someone else.

If you're clever, you'll spot the clue to the D-level celebrity I saw in this post.

Monday, November 21, 2005

and the world and the world the world drags me down

After a two hour delay at National yesterday, I finally got home, and somehow became really ill. I have, I believe, strep throat and bronchitis. Hard to believe after a month and a half of Cipro, huh? The Man Who Lives in the House believes it is a plot against him. I believe my body doesn't want me to deal with the stress in my life.

So, to cheer myself up, I'm going to run a blog contest.

What National D level celebrity (nowhere good enough to be a B level celebrity) did I see at the movie theater on Saturday night? No fair asking anyone the answer, if you know with whom I saw the movie.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

saturday in the park you'd think it was the fourth of july

Yesterday, I sat and knit in the park by my building
and dragon knitter sent me chocolate
and I went to the movies with a friend and saw Sarah Silverman's "Jesus is Magic" which was okay and had some very funny parts in it and I knit a ton of the mitt during the movie and got this far
and you'll note the lack of yarn left in my Manos hank and yet the large amount of the mitt left and so then I spent some time creating this masterpiece
and now I am saying fuck it to those cocksucking mitts for right now and I am knitting the Uptown Scarf from Weekend Knitting, five stitches on size 35 needles, garter stitch all the way, it's the easiest project I have ever done in my life, only I'm making it more like thirteen feet long instead of eight feet long, and someday I may revisit the fucking Sex Mitts again but only after a suitable trial separation period.

Saturday, November 19, 2005

makes me that much wiser so thanks for making me a fighter

First of all, thanks to the marvelous and wise and sagacious and I know that was repetitive duo of Kristine and Aimee who picked me up from work at a particularly bad moment in time and drove me through hellacious traffic and we wandered about and found a French restaurant in Georgetown that had been previously known to be good but was suspiciously empty on a Friday night at 7 PM but we tried it anyway and ended up with cold entrees and hot frites and a bottle of wine and that's an entirely different story altogether and the two of them listened to my blathering bitch and moan session as if I were the only person in the world and they are both wonderful and funny and sweet and generous and really great people to eat, drink and be merry with, and to go to Barnes and Noble with when you want to look at smutty books. Not that they were willing participants in the latter, mind you.

The Man Who Lives in the House and I are not communicating again. Trixie told me he told her he had been "trying to get in touch with me." If that's the case, it's odd how my phone hasn't been ringing, and how I haven't gotten any emails from him. I found out more about him from a phone call with Trixie last night than I have all week, and when I called him at 8 PM on Wednesday, he was asleep. Same with the mornings I've called. Words fail me. I think I'll go knit now. Somewhere other than my furniture-less apartment in the sky.

Friday, November 18, 2005

i was drunk last night dear mother i was drunk the night before but if you'll forgive me mother i'll never get drunk anymore

Not likely, but it was the most apropos song quote I could come up with at the moment. Clearly, I am uh, drunk.

So, Karida dragged me out of work at the shockingly early hour of before 9 PM and we waited in the frigid cold on the corner of Constitution and 14th looking like miserable failures at prostitution because if we were hookers we certainly wouldn't be dressed as boringly as we were, nor would we have been hanging out on that corner, at that time of night, nor would we have been jonesing for johns, anyway, as hot as the two of us are, especially with the two of us together, so we tried to catch a cab forever and finally we caught one that looked to be decently sane and the guy was a fucking lunatic who almost killed us driving to the Georgetown Stitch DC for their knit night thingymabobberdoohicky. Every Thursday night. The guy started bitching about a car driving through a red light and then he drove into oncoming traffic. Karida and I somehow kept talking about Nicole Kidman's incredible doableness despite the fact that we were giving each other looks of "Are we going to live through this at all?"-ness.

So we walked in and hung with Jess
and then we knit with Cindy
and Liz
and then Jess showed us the sweater she knit from Handknit Holidays
so Karida and I decided to do a knitalong so we could dream of being just as cool as Jess even though we don't have a Betty in our lives
and so we each picked out our yarn for it (Karida in Karabella 8, mine in Blue Sky Alpaca) and bought it and then we all went to Blue Gin, which Cindy had read about in a magazine because of the watermelon martinis, even though they didn't have any watermelon martinis, and we sat and had very pretty drinks, like Liz' white citrus martini
and I took a dark picture of Jess and Cindy and Liz and Karida
and they meet every Thursday at the Georgetown Stitch DC and make sure you go if'n you're ever in DC, m'k?

Thursday, November 17, 2005

you can't always get what you want

In the middle of writing that last post, the DNS server on my network went down and it's still not up; hence, my lack of posts. Anyway, here's my mitt:
I'll be knitting somewhere tonight with very cool people. Don't you wish you were there too?

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

there was blood and a single gunshot but just who shot who

How did I end up singing Barry Manilow at a karaoke bar in Adams Morgan on a Tuesday night?

I have no idea.

In any case, I did finish the first mitt thingy.

Monday, November 14, 2005

so if you meet me have some courtesy have some sympathy and some taste

Yesterday, after eating brunch at my favorite vegan restaurant in DC (tofu scramble with soy mozzarella and Soysage, waffle fries, coffee with soy cream, and no, I am a happy carnivore, but good vegan food is better than bad meat any day), I wandered over to Stitch DC to check out the yarn and knit.

I had begun a sock for The Queen of Enablers (The Man Who Lives in the House's mother) on the plane trip, and I was quite enjoying the rosewood Lantern Moon needles I bought at Dunwoody Yarn. The flight attendant was grooving on my sock and had just learned to knit herself, so she was interested in the mechanics of knitting on five needles and how rosewood felt.

So I walked around DC knitting and rode the Metro over to Eastern Market to go to Stitch DC, where Trixie and I went after my really bad job interview in January and I bought cashmere and she bought cashmere for her scarf and I got the lace mohair with which Jasper had a ball, and yesterday I met the owner Marie and the wonderful Karida, and they said I could loiter there, so I whipped out my sock and started working on it some more, and I picked up the book Alterknits and began flipping through it and I ran across the pattern for these so I had to drop what I was doing to start on them right away and now that I am mostly done with the first one and it's looking good I now, in writing this post just now and putting up that link, found the errata for the pattern. Fuck. Do I rip it out? Do I move on?
This is, I believe, the first time I have worked with Manos.
I am in love.

I also am in love with the Pony rosewoods I'm using on this (and, you'll notice, as my gusset holder) and with the Lantern Moon size 8 DPNs Marie sold me out of pity because I was desperate and she's soooooo nice.

Saturday, November 12, 2005

they're gonna put it down and step outside into the lights right outta that ship saying hi

Am I in a Pixies rut? Oh well, if you don't like it, don't read my titles.

This particular post title comes to me because the song "The Happening" is about aliens landing outside of Vegas. Similarly, yesterday, I discovered that knit bloggers do exist outside of the virtual world of the Internet.

Just when I was thinking to myself, "Gee, I haven't been to Dunwoody Yarn in over a year, and I really need more size 2 DPNs, because six sets aren't nearly enough," I was in the neighborhood. As I drove there, still hungover, wearing the Sex Mitts, I pondered upon the fact that I met Janice there, right after I had read her blog for the first time, and that I hadn't seen Janice in awhile. I went in, poked around, got ready to check out, turned around...and there was Janice! She was cheating on her own LYS by coming in, and we spent some time being catty about the designs in the new Sally Melville book (Color? My Dog, there are some hideous things in there). I neglected to remember that I had a camera phone with me until I left, but I did catch this photographic evidence of Janice's existence in my proximity from my car:
So I did finish a project using the pluckyfluff that I think I am going to give to someone, and maybe I'll show a picture eventually, and I did figure out the lace pattern for the sock, but tinking doesn't work for me with lace; I am incapable of figuring out lace patterns backwards. I worked up a new sample and swatched it about fifty times until I got it to what my sock looks like. Now I have my lace pattern written down and the sock is close to being completed, but I am working on rockstar for a holiday gift for someone so who knows when the socks will get done now. This starting and completing projects in a short period of time is a novelty for me.

Off to DC tomorrow at the crack of dawn, to my furniture-less apartment in the sky...

Friday, November 11, 2005

somehow we get all these creeps in control it makes me throw up in the toilet bowl

It is currently 6:30 AM. I woke up at 4:30 AM, having gone to bed at 12:15 AM. I am hungover and have a migraine and I am trying not to throw up. I hate that special spit. The Father of The Man Who Lives in the House is visiting for the first time and we took him for dinner to Kyma where The Man and I have gone before and I love it and it was wonderful and I drank far too much and ate too much and I got a migraine on top of it and now I'm slugging Emetrol.

I finished the second fingerless Sex Mitt yesterday. I'd show a picture, but it looks exactly like the first one, so just look at yesterday's post. I knit the top two rows too long and it's going to drive me crazy but I don't think it'll drive me crazy enough to rip out those two rows. Just in time, it's currently 36 degrees in Atlanta.

I have sooooo much more stash to show but then I thought, why not work with what I've got? And then I thought, Jane (who received my sock yarn gift and liked it, so glad she did!) has a good idea about using the Cherry Tree Hill Froth for hats and scarves out of Sally Melville's Knit or whatever it's called. And then I realized that I only have Purl. Because nobody has given me Knit, and it's been on my Amazon wish list for two years now. So I thought, why not see what Jane's projects looked like last year when she made them? But she only showed close-ups of the fabric. So thanks a whole lot, Jane. Big help. I don't even know what I might be knitting.

So I hunted around the Internet to see what people had done with Froth and I saw that CTH made a pattern for a sweater using 7 hanks of Froth. 7 hanks? The thing's got like 650 fucking yards per hank, am I like, 500 pounds or something? And why on Earth would anyone make a sweater out of mohair boucle anyway? In pastel shades?

Of course, I could just BUY Knit, but then that would require either a trip to an LYS where I'm sure to spend more money, or waiting for it to be delivered. I need something to knit on the plane on Sunday and in DC next week. Maybe I'll find something else and we'll get back to Froth.

In case anyone reads my comments, let me clear something up. The rabbit cell phone holder was for a co-worker in Denver. The Anonymous poster in Denver is the Vitriola to whom I refer sometimes, and I think I really was knitting when she threw up on my father's bathroom. Very Madame Defarge. And V, the (really awful, plasticy acrylic worsted weight yarn on size 15 needles basketweave stitch) blanket I made you? It's not like I make oodles of things for tons of other people and you're being left out in the cold, babe. I don't even think I've ever made my mother anything. Once I made my brother a hat, and my stepfather an Aran sweater, and my father a striped sweater. I made socks for myself and a sweater for my poet friend Jerry and the only thing The Man has ever gotten out of me is Inky and the cozy for his Apple wireless mouse. But since you've imposed the requirement of "must work at a metal/goth show," I guess a sweater made out of Froth is out of the question...I suppose I'll suck it up and eventually (when I figure out what I have in my stash) knit one of jodi's fine creations, but after spending months on Trixie's scarf and constantly forgetting the pattern because I never wrote it down (does this sound familiar to anyone?), I need to not do anything with cables for awhile, and after the disaster with the fish sweater, I need to not look at blobs of color for awhile.

This leaves me back where I started, and nobody still has come up with a lace pattern for my mostly-finished socks. Guess I'll wind the Pluckyfluff to make...something.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

sparkly rhinestones sparkly rhinestones sparkly rhinestones shine on lonely girls

I'm thinking of the sparkly pink eyes for Inky, thanks, I have oodles of the sparkly pink yarn leftover from the sparkly pink bunny cell phone holder. Which, by the way, my co-worker, the one I feared would hate it? She got it yesterday and LOVES it. Or she could be lying to me.

Anyway I realized it was patently unfair to ask you what I should make without giving you options, so last night out of laziness (read: I didn't feel like getting out of bed), I picked up the leftover Peace Fleece and whatever needles were lying about and starting making fingerless mitts for myself on two needles. Here's the first one, made during a marathon of Law & Order: Something Comes After the Colon.
One would think I would have finished the Sex Gloves instead. One would be wrong. I realize you're saying right now, "Boy, that Rebecca, she utterly lacks creativity and thought and why the fuck can't she finish what she has on her needles? And why did she make a big rectangle and sew it together, leaving a hole for her thumb? There's no thumb gusset!" But it's cold where I work in DC and the sex gloves just aren't done yet. Neither is the fishy sweater or the plum sweater or the Mexican stripy sweater or umm...hmmm. I have quite a few projects on needles. So anyway I found this box the other day that The Man Who Lives in the House seems to have "forgotten" about.
Here's a beginning of the examination of the contents, so you can help me decide what to make.
Well, I got this somewhere. It's soft and slightly fuzzy. Not much of it.
This is a pluckyfluff creation. Huh. Wonder if I got it for a particular reason? Guess I'll never know now.
A giant mass of mohair boucle. Wait, the colors are better here, even though the picture is blurry.
Where did this stuff come from? Help me, please. What can I make? Note that I am at least using stash. I just don't remember having all of this stash.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

does your chewing gum lose its flavor on the bedpost overnight

David Weinberger, in this month's KMWorld Magazine wrote an article about companies' Web sites and creating the informed consumer. In it, he states: "Juicy Fruit gum has a blog. At long last, those who need their daily dose of news ā€˜nā€™ views about indigestible food products have a place to go." I went searching for the Juicy Fruit blog, which Businessweek's Heather Green said was so bad, she could hardly tear herself away from it. It's being called the worst corporate blog ever.

And it's gone! Already! It was barely up for a week! I wanted to take part in the experience of The Worst Blog Ever!

I'm always the last to know.

So, I finished Inky last night
and The Man Who Lives in the House put it on and made faces while posing for me like this
and also this
Meanwhile, I decided to remove the red from my hair and go dark purply-black.
So what should I knit next? Ideas?

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

skinnamarinky dinky dink skinnamarinky doo

Inky is almost done, he'll hopefully be done by tomorrow. He actually looks more like one of the Pac-Man ghosts after Pac-Man has eaten a power pellet, but that's the color of the Peace Fleece I had. It was a color made to protest the US invasion of Iraq. I like the way the Peace Fleece feels. The Man Who Lives in the House will hate it but since he's the one who wanted Inky in the first place and who will never wear Inky ever, he'll have to fucking deal with Peace Fleece.

He's working at home again today. I can never get him to leave. He does this to "spend time with me." How can I spend time with him? I'm working here! He complains because my clock ticks. He doesn't like ticking clocks. He complains because I'm playing music, and he doesn't like what I'm playing. He complains because I am not taking a long enough lunch break to suit him. He complains because he didn't think to charge his phone last night, and now his phone is dead, and his boss is calling him, and I'm on the other line for a meeting. This is all somehow my fucking fault. This is seriously inhibiting my ability to work. Pretty soon I am just going to trudge over to Trixie's house and start working there everyday. At least we work for the same company and we contract to the same agency. She wouldn't tell me I work for the "clown posse" and that my job is unimportant and that all I do is waste my time.

Is getting support from one's spouse for a job one loves too much to ask? If I worked washing dishes in a restaurant and I loved it, I would expect an equal level of support as I would here. I somehow think I would actually get more respect from him if I were a dishwasher.

Monday, November 07, 2005

i can't control my fingers i can't control my brain

Ugh. Woke up with a massive migraine yesterday, which told me that my migraine medicine has decided to stop working, and I haven't gone to work yet today even though it's almost 2 PM and it's Monday. The whole telecommuting thing requires me to force myself to work, and I tend to work really long hours to prove that I can do it, and today I just can't be bothered. Taking the morning off.

The Man Who Lives in the House deigned to LEAVE the house today. I was so thrilled. I am also so pissed off that my migraine is continuing since I could actually get some work done today, now that he's gone. Watch, now he'll work from home tomorrow and Wednesday, and I am being forced to take Thursday off because his father is coming into town from Richmond for a visit and Friday is Veteran's Day (and there's the whole father-in-law being in Atlanta thing again), and then I leave to go back to DC for a week.

Inky is progressing, but because it's for The Man I don't want to do it. I guess I'll do it and get it over with. A few hours out of my life, right? I am getting to the point of avoiding spending time with him.

Seriously? Anyone have a clue about the lace pattern for my socks? I want to finish them.

So, some time ago I was pleased as punch to have the most pornographic keyword searches for a knitting blog (self-awarded). Shall we look at what people have been up to lately?

music for non-thinkers
music for non-thinkers
music for non-thinkers (I think we get the point, here)
glove sex (uh, the sex gloves are great, but they're for wearing during sex...)
why is someone miserable (I don't know, why is someone? Moreover, why are you typing this into Google?)
size well endowed -gay (as long as we know that you aren't looking for gay porn, Swedish dude)
Tammy's casting 2005 (are they remaking Tammy and the Bachelor?)
teen pictures of casting couch (do you really think they're taking pictures of this?)
picture of jim baker, televangelist

That last one was the sickest one of them all, and I don't know how they got here from there.

Sunday, November 06, 2005

when you see me in misery come on baby see my feet right

So on Friday I was inspired by a co-worker who told me she needed a cell phone cozy and told me tales of her newly blind dog chasing bunnies in the yard still, and I was flipping through Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation and saw the cell phone monsters and decided to modify the pattern slightly and make one for my co-worker, only it was difficult to modify the pattern very much because that's a massively poorly written fucked up pattern and don't they have test knitters or anything for that book? I mean, I know they do so that was a rhetorical question, but didn't they for that pattern because the pattern made no sense. Sew side B to side A and then side C to what remains of side A? The measurements were all off. Either someone cannot do math or someone really needed to add more drawings and photographs to that pattern. The few pictures didn't give me any sort of adequate idea as to what the fuck was going on and all I could figure out was there was going to be some fucked up knitting going on so I refused to do it that way. I think the picture is incredibly fun but come fucking on here people! I say this with the mea culpa of not having looked up to see whether there are errata published anywhere. Maybe this resolves the problem. But who, other than people in the publishing field and librarians (and I am technically in both of those fields to an extent), even know about errata? So anyway my massively changed but inspired by the true story result is this:
The heavy beads for the crazy eyes keep the flap down, although nothing will keep the ears up. So it'll look more like a basset hound when she gets it, but whatever. I added a button strap to the back to she can keep it on the handle of her purse:
And on that feeling of high-flying accomplishment, I went over to hockey mom's house to drink and nosh and kvetch with hockey mom and jodi. I bitched quite a bit and they supported me as all good knitters ought, because I was naturally correct in all that I said. Some pics from my bad camera phone:
and later, hockey mom untangled a gordian knot of yarn jodi brought
while jodi kept pulling on the other end
and then jodi browbeat hockey mom into knitting her ipod nano Nelson a sock, and hockey mom knit Pandora one too:
and thereby began and completed two projects in one night while untangling yarn and listening to me whine. Me? I began knitting Inky for The Man Who Whined About My Leaving Home Last Night out of Peace Fleece I had lying about the house
and I got quite a bit done. This is the current state of Inky:
because I decided to make Inky wider. And I have to work today but I keep staring at Inky, wanting to redo him to at least last night's state again before I work.


Friday, November 04, 2005

love'll get you like a case of anthrax and that's something i don't want to catch

Yes, boys and girls, I am officially off of the Cipro now. Can anyone guess what more than twenty days on an antibiotic does to one who is a female? Hint: living creatures that come in packages you use to make beer and bread. Yes, my yeast infection in the toe has spread, thanks to the antibiotics, and the OTC crap is doing nothing to cure the problem. The good news is that I won't catch anthrax, and I can drink the water in New Orleans without a problem.

I would like to share that sweet Melissa, not this Melissa, another Atlanta knitter whose blog I keep forgetting to add to my links in the sidebar but I promise I'll do it soon but this Melissa, whose blog I will also add to my sidebar (which, incidentally, I have alphabetized), sent me something for my cramps.
this is is all wrapped up and pretty, and unwrapped:
a jasmine rice filled knitting sheep flannel heating bag! Along with some chocolate and a letter about a whacked out night eating pizza and watching porn with some registered sex offender crackheads that could only happen to Vitriola and me and possibly did one night down at a naval base in Schenectady, New York.

I also picked up these socks to finish them the fuck off already
but I realized I lost the pattern and fuck me gently with a chainsaw, Christ on a broomstick, it's a ten row lace pattern repeat I made up and didn't write down and forgot and I have no clue how to recreate it although I am sure it isn't original enough to be original and if I pour through some knitting library books I can find something but if you know of anything where it's a six stitch repeat, ten row repeat, and the first four or five rows the pattern ends in a YO and there's a K2tog there that seems to float through, and then the last five rows it reverses and it ends with a K2tog and the YO floats through...please let me know.

I started on a new project this morning on MARTA and I'm almost done, so hopefully pics this weekend. So while I'm watching the MARTA TV there's a story about two people who are going to jail for having "unconsensual sexual activities with an unconscious girl who had been knocked unconscious with GBH that they had given her. " Could we whitewash this story any more? How about, "two men gave a girl a date rape drug and then raped her when she was out"? The news made it sound like the men had not really been active participants in the act.

And speaking of news, I leave you with a link to this Reuters story with the first article reading thusly:

"Quaker Maid Meats Inc. on Tuesday said it would voluntarily recall 94,400 pounds of frozen ground beef panties that may be contaminated with E. coli."

Maybe that explains my yeast infection.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

if you feel in a mess put your head on a head rest

Better pictures of Pandora's Not Sock, and me looking goofy:
So here you can see the weird colors together in a bad picture of The Hat and my hair:
So I took off The Hat and The Man Who Always Works From Home and Distracts the Everloving Fuck Out of Me named it Blinky, as in
yep, Pac-Man, and now every time I put on The Hat (now, I guess, dubbed Blinky) and walk around the house The Man goes, "WAKAWAKAWAKAWAKA..."

I have a picture of the hat looking like Blinky, well, really, Inky, but my mother fucking cocksucking cell phone company once again has fucked up my multimedia messaging service and cannot explain why they have done so for the twelfth time in six months causing me hours of wait time on customer service so the pictures will have to wait.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005

i'm just a love machine a huggin' kissin' fiend

At least I tied with Drunk Cat.

Which Absurd Cat are you?
created with

with so many light years to go and things to be found i'm sure that we'll all miss her so

I thought I would wow everyone this morning with the image of Pandora's Not Sock progressed while Trixie and Wawa and The Man Who Lives in the House and I were watching Bones and House, MD last night:
And then I ended up staying up watching reruns of Law & Order: One of Them and finished the damn thing.
The Man Who Refuses to Not Work at Home Anymore says he will take a better picture of it later today. By the way, this was the worst, most slap-assed seaming job I have ever done on anything, and yet, it seems to be strong and holding. Hunh. Who knew.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

oh yeah you're pretty good looking for a girl

I knit her in my sleep last night. I still think she'll be frogged again.