Friday, November 18, 2005

i was drunk last night dear mother i was drunk the night before but if you'll forgive me mother i'll never get drunk anymore

Not likely, but it was the most apropos song quote I could come up with at the moment. Clearly, I am uh, drunk.

So, Karida dragged me out of work at the shockingly early hour of before 9 PM and we waited in the frigid cold on the corner of Constitution and 14th looking like miserable failures at prostitution because if we were hookers we certainly wouldn't be dressed as boringly as we were, nor would we have been hanging out on that corner, at that time of night, nor would we have been jonesing for johns, anyway, as hot as the two of us are, especially with the two of us together, so we tried to catch a cab forever and finally we caught one that looked to be decently sane and the guy was a fucking lunatic who almost killed us driving to the Georgetown Stitch DC for their knit night thingymabobberdoohicky. Every Thursday night. The guy started bitching about a car driving through a red light and then he drove into oncoming traffic. Karida and I somehow kept talking about Nicole Kidman's incredible doableness despite the fact that we were giving each other looks of "Are we going to live through this at all?"-ness.

So we walked in and hung with Jess
and then we knit with Cindy
and Liz
and then Jess showed us the sweater she knit from Handknit Holidays
so Karida and I decided to do a knitalong so we could dream of being just as cool as Jess even though we don't have a Betty in our lives
and so we each picked out our yarn for it (Karida in Karabella 8, mine in Blue Sky Alpaca) and bought it and then we all went to Blue Gin, which Cindy had read about in a magazine because of the watermelon martinis, even though they didn't have any watermelon martinis, and we sat and had very pretty drinks, like Liz' white citrus martini
and I took a dark picture of Jess and Cindy and Liz and Karida
and they meet every Thursday at the Georgetown Stitch DC and make sure you go if'n you're ever in DC, m'k?


Blogger dragon knitter said...

did ya get the chocolate? btw, i'm jealous! would love to knit in DC! (but i think i'll drive myself, lol)

12:19 AM  
Blogger Lolly said...

I have never been to Stitch DC in Georgetown--looks like I am missing out! ;)

8:39 AM  

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