Monday, November 07, 2005

i can't control my fingers i can't control my brain

Ugh. Woke up with a massive migraine yesterday, which told me that my migraine medicine has decided to stop working, and I haven't gone to work yet today even though it's almost 2 PM and it's Monday. The whole telecommuting thing requires me to force myself to work, and I tend to work really long hours to prove that I can do it, and today I just can't be bothered. Taking the morning off.

The Man Who Lives in the House deigned to LEAVE the house today. I was so thrilled. I am also so pissed off that my migraine is continuing since I could actually get some work done today, now that he's gone. Watch, now he'll work from home tomorrow and Wednesday, and I am being forced to take Thursday off because his father is coming into town from Richmond for a visit and Friday is Veteran's Day (and there's the whole father-in-law being in Atlanta thing again), and then I leave to go back to DC for a week.

Inky is progressing, but because it's for The Man I don't want to do it. I guess I'll do it and get it over with. A few hours out of my life, right? I am getting to the point of avoiding spending time with him.

Seriously? Anyone have a clue about the lace pattern for my socks? I want to finish them.

So, some time ago I was pleased as punch to have the most pornographic keyword searches for a knitting blog (self-awarded). Shall we look at what people have been up to lately?

music for non-thinkers
music for non-thinkers
music for non-thinkers (I think we get the point, here)
glove sex (uh, the sex gloves are great, but they're for wearing during sex...)
why is someone miserable (I don't know, why is someone? Moreover, why are you typing this into Google?)
size well endowed -gay (as long as we know that you aren't looking for gay porn, Swedish dude)
Tammy's casting 2005 (are they remaking Tammy and the Bachelor?)
teen pictures of casting couch (do you really think they're taking pictures of this?)
picture of jim baker, televangelist

That last one was the sickest one of them all, and I don't know how they got here from there.


Blogger Turtle said...

Awhile back I renamed my blog. It was once "The Home of a Turtle," Turtle being one of my online nicknames. I got multiple hits PER DAY for teenage mutant ninja turtle porn.

Now I keep getting hits from searches for both how to kick heroin(e) addiction and pictures of heroin(e) addicts. Possibly not the best name change ever.

And the reason I hit the comment button in the first place, now that I've babbled, was to completely fangirl you for your post title. Back when music worked to wake me up, that was the first song I heard every morning. It didn't help my mood, but it sure did get the blood flowing.

3:39 PM  
Blogger Colette said...

I once got suspended in HS for wearing my "I Wanna Be Sedated" tee shirt to class - oh no oh no oh no...

4:58 PM  
Blogger Zardra said...

The oddest search terms I've had hit my blog lately were "Who was the first person in outer space?" Apparently, I'm the 6th hit for this string using MSN.

6:51 PM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

in case you forgot, tammy and paul became televangelists, and paul was channelling jim baker. we won't go further. (and my secret word is eweli, lol!)

9:55 PM  

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