Thursday, November 10, 2005

sparkly rhinestones sparkly rhinestones sparkly rhinestones shine on lonely girls

I'm thinking of the sparkly pink eyes for Inky, thanks, I have oodles of the sparkly pink yarn leftover from the sparkly pink bunny cell phone holder. Which, by the way, my co-worker, the one I feared would hate it? She got it yesterday and LOVES it. Or she could be lying to me.

Anyway I realized it was patently unfair to ask you what I should make without giving you options, so last night out of laziness (read: I didn't feel like getting out of bed), I picked up the leftover Peace Fleece and whatever needles were lying about and starting making fingerless mitts for myself on two needles. Here's the first one, made during a marathon of Law & Order: Something Comes After the Colon.
One would think I would have finished the Sex Gloves instead. One would be wrong. I realize you're saying right now, "Boy, that Rebecca, she utterly lacks creativity and thought and why the fuck can't she finish what she has on her needles? And why did she make a big rectangle and sew it together, leaving a hole for her thumb? There's no thumb gusset!" But it's cold where I work in DC and the sex gloves just aren't done yet. Neither is the fishy sweater or the plum sweater or the Mexican stripy sweater or umm...hmmm. I have quite a few projects on needles. So anyway I found this box the other day that The Man Who Lives in the House seems to have "forgotten" about.
Here's a beginning of the examination of the contents, so you can help me decide what to make.
Well, I got this somewhere. It's soft and slightly fuzzy. Not much of it.
This is a pluckyfluff creation. Huh. Wonder if I got it for a particular reason? Guess I'll never know now.
A giant mass of mohair boucle. Wait, the colors are better here, even though the picture is blurry.
Where did this stuff come from? Help me, please. What can I make? Note that I am at least using stash. I just don't remember having all of this stash.


Blogger Jane said...

I made both hats and Shape-It scarves (from Sally Melville's Knit book) last winter with that mohair boucle yarn and they were well received by the recipients. A nice warm scarf would be good for DC winters. Easy, too.

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

It's cold in Denver, too.

11:55 AM  
Blogger Trixie said...

I can almost guess who that "anonymous" visitor was...especially with the less than subtle reminder about how cold it is in Denver! Pink Bunny Cell Phone Holder Coworker!

Thrilled. I am THRILLED to see that you are using your stash and not simply giving it away to Mango Salsa or other knitters who are in a bad way. Mango is combining some of your donations with donation from Rabbitch to make a poncho right now as a present to her daughter (who will love it but probably never wear it - fickle child). Here are happy pats for using your stash....

I vote for something that Trixie would like...something very Trixie. Something oddly Trixie. Yes, definitely. Trixie-esque.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No, don't think you do.

I've known Itgirl for 20 years. in that time, she has knit. in homeroom, at home. Over my house. Over my dad's house. She was probably knitting that one time I accidentally got drunk at that one restaurant and decided I REALLY needed to use the phone to call everyone I knew and then I threw up in her father's bathroom, but I don't really remember much of this. In that time, I have unfinished blanket that she admitted was knit very loosely and she got bored so she didn't do the last panel. I, of course, as she is a dear friend, still have this, but in 20 years, don't I get at least ONE thing I can wear? It IS cold in Denver. How 'bout something that can keep someone warm while they wait in line at a concert while 313 college kids each pay with their credit card and therefore miss the first 2 bands, and can then be worn inside and not be out of place among the leather/goth/metal crowd?

3:54 PM  
Blogger Micky said...

You sure are rockin that mitt. Looks as though you are ready to go scratch out some eyes in style.

8:00 PM  

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