Friday, November 11, 2005

somehow we get all these creeps in control it makes me throw up in the toilet bowl

It is currently 6:30 AM. I woke up at 4:30 AM, having gone to bed at 12:15 AM. I am hungover and have a migraine and I am trying not to throw up. I hate that special spit. The Father of The Man Who Lives in the House is visiting for the first time and we took him for dinner to Kyma where The Man and I have gone before and I love it and it was wonderful and I drank far too much and ate too much and I got a migraine on top of it and now I'm slugging Emetrol.

I finished the second fingerless Sex Mitt yesterday. I'd show a picture, but it looks exactly like the first one, so just look at yesterday's post. I knit the top two rows too long and it's going to drive me crazy but I don't think it'll drive me crazy enough to rip out those two rows. Just in time, it's currently 36 degrees in Atlanta.

I have sooooo much more stash to show but then I thought, why not work with what I've got? And then I thought, Jane (who received my sock yarn gift and liked it, so glad she did!) has a good idea about using the Cherry Tree Hill Froth for hats and scarves out of Sally Melville's Knit or whatever it's called. And then I realized that I only have Purl. Because nobody has given me Knit, and it's been on my Amazon wish list for two years now. So I thought, why not see what Jane's projects looked like last year when she made them? But she only showed close-ups of the fabric. So thanks a whole lot, Jane. Big help. I don't even know what I might be knitting.

So I hunted around the Internet to see what people had done with Froth and I saw that CTH made a pattern for a sweater using 7 hanks of Froth. 7 hanks? The thing's got like 650 fucking yards per hank, am I like, 500 pounds or something? And why on Earth would anyone make a sweater out of mohair boucle anyway? In pastel shades?

Of course, I could just BUY Knit, but then that would require either a trip to an LYS where I'm sure to spend more money, or waiting for it to be delivered. I need something to knit on the plane on Sunday and in DC next week. Maybe I'll find something else and we'll get back to Froth.

In case anyone reads my comments, let me clear something up. The rabbit cell phone holder was for a co-worker in Denver. The Anonymous poster in Denver is the Vitriola to whom I refer sometimes, and I think I really was knitting when she threw up on my father's bathroom. Very Madame Defarge. And V, the (really awful, plasticy acrylic worsted weight yarn on size 15 needles basketweave stitch) blanket I made you? It's not like I make oodles of things for tons of other people and you're being left out in the cold, babe. I don't even think I've ever made my mother anything. Once I made my brother a hat, and my stepfather an Aran sweater, and my father a striped sweater. I made socks for myself and a sweater for my poet friend Jerry and the only thing The Man has ever gotten out of me is Inky and the cozy for his Apple wireless mouse. But since you've imposed the requirement of "must work at a metal/goth show," I guess a sweater made out of Froth is out of the question...I suppose I'll suck it up and eventually (when I figure out what I have in my stash) knit one of jodi's fine creations, but after spending months on Trixie's scarf and constantly forgetting the pattern because I never wrote it down (does this sound familiar to anyone?), I need to not do anything with cables for awhile, and after the disaster with the fish sweater, I need to not look at blobs of color for awhile.

This leaves me back where I started, and nobody still has come up with a lace pattern for my mostly-finished socks. Guess I'll wind the Pluckyfluff to make...something.


Blogger jodi said...

Seriously, why don't you unravel one repeat of the lace and take notes? It's not that scary. . .

10:03 AM  
Blogger Jane said...

Oops - trying to keep secrets only works until they are revealed. I'll pull out the disk with last years pictures and see if the shots I took of the finished projects look like anything recognizable. The hat pattern I used was an online freebie - I'll dig that out for you, too. Can't have you sitting around with nothing to knit!

12:00 PM  
Blogger Danielle said...

I double Jodi's vote.

8:41 PM  

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