Sunday, December 31, 2006

i just love your sexy ways now baby

I can't be bothered to post images of my other finished objects, but I'll tell you I finished the sex gloves. The first one was finished, as you can see from the post, on September 6, 2004. At which point I put them down, the second finished but for three fingers and a thumb, and didn't pick them up again until this week, having finished the second Corazon, which was blocking, so they are done, and blocked, and have been worn, even. The second looks like the first, which looks like this, as a reminder:
Both gloves together used less than one thingy of Koigu, KPPPPPPM, not KPM, which it looks like, unless it was mislabelled. Pattern made up by me, and it's amazing I could even finish it. I still have a significant amount of the thingy left to used for heels on socks in the future. Yes, one thingy of Koigu really does go far.

May you all be as happy next year as Imbrium is right now.


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