Friday, July 01, 2005

so it goes.

My blond hair is dead.

Actually, my multi-colored hair is dead. For the first time in four years, I have a single shade of color throughout my hair. I'm not quite sure what to do about this. I feel strange.

What brought about this drastic change, you ask? Hair extensions. Yep, they're going in on Tuesday. This will force me to let my hair grow out before I chop it all off.

And never fear, I will have multiple shades with the extensions.

On another subject, does anyone know if this is true? Just curious.

And for those of you reading in the Colorado area (you know who you are, and for those who don't, I know the identity of She Who is Posting lists of the mix tapes I carefully crafted for her in eighth grade in the comments section here), here's a new place to eat.

Make sure you use only the human-tasting tofu on your barbecue grills this holiday weekend.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Becca's 1st Ever Tape brings us to one of the great mysteries of my tape collection - why is a tape recorded and created by someone else written in my handwriting? I most certainly would not have contributed to the addition of most of this crap to my soon to get much, much crappier music collection; did she dictate the track list to me on the phone? I do not believe so; our phone conversations were solely for the purpose of Itgirl talking to her dog, the tv, and yelling at her brother. Yet, she must have been communicating this in some way, as I proudly and gleefully point out in print when "Itgirl fucks up", complete with little arrows pointing to whichever song the purported mistake was. The tape itself has almost every inch covered in one of those metallic sharpie-like markers in gold that were so trendy to all the girls because you could shake them and it would make that you're-shaking-up-man-chemicals clacky noise that made us all feel like we had tiny little penises somewhere.

Were we on drugs? I'm pretty sure you were:

Humpty Dumpty Drunk Driving Commercial

I Think You're Grand

In Between

Ryan, Ryan, Ryan

cartoon piece (will this become self-explanatory when I listen to it? because I'm pretty sure I may never have)

another cartoon piece

dumb movie song (I can see why I may have taken these shortcuts - there were times I'd put the phone down for minutes at a time and go make some popcorn or watch Golden Girls or something)

another version of dumb movie song

Itgirl does "It Came Upon A Midnight Clear"

Itgirl does "Wassail Song"
(This is where I guess this tape may have been made in June. Back then, no Christmas carols were ever sung at anything less than 75 degrees farenheit.)

How Can I Fall - Breathe
(Is it the original artist, or did she bludgeon her why through this one, too? Dare I find out?)

99 GFM (local radio, what kind of music was this?) commercials. Commercials, on my mix tape.

Itgirl fucks up - Ronzoni.
It is 17 years after this tape was apparently belched from the 14th pit of hell, the one where my keys keep disappearing to and from where most of the sweaters I wore in 8th grade came from, and this is still creeping me out. No, seriously, wtf?

Lucky Star - Madonna (But of course)

The second side some list is completely whited out, and I wouldn't be surprised if the whole side was the first side backwards. Evil, evil, evil.

8:13 PM  
Anonymous Rebecca said...

I have done that magnet experiment with Cheerios, and you do indeed end up with iron filings. It had never occurred to me that it was because iron had been ground up and put in, though.

9:20 AM  
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