Wednesday, October 05, 2005

here comes the pain again, i had my feet on solid ground

You know when you get that one minor inconvenience that just, like, kills you?

I have a massively infected ingrown toenail. My right big toe is purple and white. If I accidentally touch it lightly against something, I get lightheaded, I'm in so much pain. This happens to me quite often on this one toenail, and The Man Who Lives in the House usually performs major surgery while he shakes his head sadly in disbelief that I can somehow manage to get myself in such a state (as if it's my fault). However, I just hit DC for two weeks.

So, last night, while NOT watching "House, M.D." because of baseball season (withdrawal, anyone?) and while watching "Law and Order: Something Comes After the Colon," I did what The Man would have done in my situation. I soaked my toe in nail polish remover, removed as much of the infected area as I could without passing out (and not as much as The Man would have) and put a bandage on it.

I'm such a wuss. The sight of blood makes me ill.

It feels better this morning. Then again, I haven't gotten out of bed yet.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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5:56 AM  
Blogger Janice in GA said...

Be careful with any infection like that, ok?? There's lots of nasty bugs around these days. My current horrid irrational fear is necrotizing fasciitis. The list owner on one of my dog lists thought she had just a little skin infection. She almost died, and *still* isn't 100%.

10:15 AM  
Blogger hockey mom said...

Yikes! Maybe go to the doctor and have him take care of that? They do amazing things you know.

I'm with Janice, you gotta be careful with the infection.

Is it too early to have a drink?

and what's with that first comment?

12:58 PM  
Blogger Trixie said...

Alcohol is a fabulous treatment for what ails you. I am however concerned about someone's habit of suggesting this as a remedy to all of our problems (of which we have many). Are you concerned as well ? Maybe we should take someone out one night and talk to her about this issue over something to drink. YIKES. I just suggested drinking as remedy for someone's problems. It is contagious - like flesh eating baterica and a wide variety of other exotic illnesses like the Spanish Flu Panedmic. Where is House MD when you need him ? Wait he would just recommend prescription meds to remedy all of our problems and I much prefer the original suggestion of alcohol. YEEK. The spammer-virus has taken control of my ability to leave short, cute, harmless comments. It's catching just like the bird flu....

2:52 PM  

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