Tuesday, August 22, 2006

as you get weaker it will get harder

I hate waking up at 3 AM on a morning where I already called in late to work because I wanted to sleep in and umm. Pack. Because my way of packing involves reading two books for every one thing I put in a suitcase. And I move tomorrow night.

I so need help.

So, a weird thing. I realized that while my contest is ongoing, I shouldn't quote someone whose lyrics I've only quoted once, because that would be, like, confusing. I also shouldn't quote anyone I've quoted twice. So I hope you're ready for either some new artists or long time artists (because really, we all know my favorite band is The Clash and that I quote them like, 50% of the time at least).

And on that note, let me just say that the new OutKast is out. I'm excited. Yeah, it isn't all punk here on the couch. I know it mostly is. But not all. After all, I got seven hits just yesterday from someone searching for The Roots lyrics. Dude, here's a clue. Instead of searching for "i don't ask for much these days," why not try "roots seed 2.0 lyrics"? Just a thought. Although it was a nice break from the monotony of

casting couch photos
teens fucking on the casting couch photos
fucking on the casting couch photos sammy
cocksucking casting couch pictures
fuck me on the casting couch
starlets fucking sucking cock casting couch

and I don't know who Sammy is, either. Other than my late beagle. And necrophilic bestiality isn't my thing. (Oh, come on, like my search hits could get any worse with the name of my fucking blog. Sheesh.)


Anonymous Imbrium said...

Actually, you've only quoted The Clash 16 times. Gang of Four is the runner up at 11.

Hi! I'm crazy! Woohoo!

12:11 PM  

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