Monday, September 03, 2007

twenty hours later i fill the room with bad sex and bad tea

I'm knitting the Composed Mitts from the Fall Interweave Knits
and I got Jess to help me with the bobbles which means she made all of them and then I put the knitting down for a week and picked it up again yesterday hanging with Jess and Shelley at Stitch DC and did a few rows and then this morning knit one whole mitt, blocked it and will start the second tomorrow. Here are some pics.
This is blurry but shows the true colors.
Yes there are a trillion kabillion ends to weave in after the blockingage. Which commenced after these pictures were taken. I used The Fibre Company Khroma which is gloriousity to knit with (purchased at Stitch DC).

Okay so. I was chatting with Ann and we were talking about if and when and how it's appropriate to tell someone that they were/are really bad in bed for whatever reason (too small, too fast, poor technique, any or all of the above, etc.). She suggested sending an anonymous letter from but of course, it doesn't really exist. This brings me to two questions:

1. Should we purchase and set up an anonymous letter writing service so people can know that they truly suck at sex? This night be a service we're providing, here. This might be our chance to swoop in.

2. How does one tell one, or does one tell one, ever, that they suck at sex? And if one were to ever break up with one for the sex suckassageness, and were not to tell one, what reason would one use to break up with one?


Blogger Sarah said...

Whoah, you did some knitting! They look great - are they shorter than in the mag though?

2:45 AM  
Blogger dragon knitter said...

nice job on the mitts.

as for the website, how anonymous can it be if the one your having sex with is monogamous?

sending them an anonymous letter from such a site would be a red flag, to me.

nice idea, though.

7:08 AM  
Anonymous Imbrium said...

Oooh...after Donegal, the sight of that many ends makes my teeth itch...but the mitts are sexy and totally worth it.

As for telling someone that they suck at sex...well, there is the theory that at least some people are trainable, but yeah, it's a touchy subject. One of my exes was perfectly good at sex, but it was plain vanilla every. Single. Time. I don't think it will shock you to learn that I'm not exactly a plain vanilla kind of girl.

One night, at a drunken party, with full knowledge and permission from my boyfriend, a friend and I started playing around. There was nothing beyond kissing, but it was the most non-vanilla kissing I'd ever had. Later, the friend grabbed the boyfriend and said "if you don't do that kind of stuff for her, she'll find someone who will."

And a year later, I did.

I'm not saying it was a GOOD way to communicate his shortcomings, but it was certainly an EFFECTIVE way.

11:16 AM  
Blogger Mouse said...

I love the mitts.. very cool. Should it ever get cooler than 85 degrees here in Georgia, I could use some fingerless gloves.
I had a few boyfriends who were TERRIBLE in bed.. I just dumped them and warned my girlfriends not to date them or sleep with them because they were miserable in bed. Though the site isn't a bad idea.. and it WOULD be funny to read.

4:05 PM  
Blogger jenifleur said...

No, I wouldn't tell them. It sucks to have your self esteem trashed.

I like your mitts. I will never make them because of all those ends, so I'll just look at yours and be happy.

6:18 PM  
Blogger Mia said...

too funny. Can i be on the Board of Directors? :lmao:

10:21 AM  
Blogger Rabbitch said...

The correct line is "I'm sorry, but I'm just not ready for a relationship."

If, however, the other person is not ready for a relationship, the correct line is "I am really looking for someone to get married and settle down with within the next six months."

If neither works, just tell them that you don't quite know how to say it but maybe they should schedule a visit to the clinic some time soon. I guarantee they'll never call again.

3:13 AM  
Blogger Micky said...


3:58 PM  

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