Wednesday, September 15, 2004

the great yarn rearrangement

Yesterday I had to leave work early, so I went over to Dunwoody Yarn to see how Julie was doing. Her mother is incapacitated for the time being and Julie has been great at taking care of the store while Christine has been out. A few months ago, when this happened, Julie worked alone at this, at a new yarn shop, and Julie is a new knitter. Luckily, Nancy and Jean, who teach the beginner and intermediate knitting classes at Dunwoody Yarn, respectively, have volunteered to help Julie out while Christine is out this time. Isn't that nice?

Anyway, yesterday when I went in, the place was a zoo. This is good for the store but the four of us were helping out customers, and Julie was not having luck in ordering poduct or doing inventory in the back room. Unfortunately, just before the rush began, Nancy and Jean began to rearrange the yarn, and they left at 5 PM, leaving all of the yarn in the middle of the floor.

Who does this?

I guess they thought it would be Great Fun! to rearrange yarn, but you can't just leave the store like that! I stayed until 8 PM helping Julie rearrange things, and I still felt bad because I had to leave her there, but it was mostly finished, and she could leave and visit her mother in the hospital. And Nancy and Jean aren't even coming back until Friday!

I think the worst part was during the zoo, everyone, in wanting to show concern, asked her how Christine was doing, which made everything worse, because, well, she isn't doing well, and that just depressed Julie.

So if you go to Dunwoody Yarn, please don't ask how Christine is doing, but do admire the pretty Rainbow Room Julie and I created in the back section, and if you are afar, they do mail order! They carry Ironstone, Cherry Tree Hill, K1C2, Mountain Colors.....


Blogger Jane said...

Sorry to see Julie and her mom are having such a hard time. If there's anything I can do to help, let me know, as I usually have way too much time on my hands.

6:43 PM  
Blogger Janice in GA said...

Ditto what Jane said -- I'm not working outside of home right now and so have free time, if Julie needs any more help.

6:51 PM  

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