Wednesday, September 08, 2004

rainy days and wednesdays

Everyone go see Lizzi's first pair of socks!

My regular head cold has, as usual, turned into a case of bronchitis. I am susceptible. The worst part about it this time is that since February I have been battling an undiagnosed health problem which has been causing me to cough uncontrollably, which just seems to have gone away, and now this. The doctor's office, while open, does not accept incoming phone calls until 8 AM. Because I carpool with someone, I can't just make an appointment for anytime during the day. I have meetings which have been scheduled with the National Archives people for months now so I can't bail today, and The Man Who Lives in the House, who bought me three bags of cough drops last weekend, seems to not understand that one doesn't chew on five cough drops at a time, so he has singlehandedly gone through two and a half bags already. Yesterday.

I know it's a rhetorical question but why are men so whiny when they get sick?

I fully understand that I am venting in the first paragraph. But The Man came home yesterday going on and on about having to spend all day in a meeting while he was sick and why didn't I make him a doctor's appointment?

To top it all off, Frances came through Atlanta yesterday, and the leaky NEW skylight that was just replaced four months ago started leaking in three places, as well as the hallway in the laundry room. The contractor who installed the skylight has disappeared. Oh, and now that I'm well enough to actually do laundry again, it's raining too hard to do any (I'm on septic, you can't do laundry if it's raining hard outside).

What's a girl to do but watch an Esther Williams movie?

This one was Bathing Beauty and it was really more of a piece for Red Skeleton, as it was Esther's first movie, but it also had Basil Rathbone (post-Sherlock Holmes) and Harry James. Random scenes included a strange class on "Eurythmics" (and we're not talking about Annie Lennox here) where poor Red had to dress in a pink tutu and dance ballet and a swing reinterpretation of Loch Lomond. It was very enjoyable, although the swimming numbers were very amateurish compared to Esther's later ones.

Only one Esther movie left on the Replay. I'll save it for this weekend.

Glove #2 is past the thumb gusset, heading towards the home stretch, and the rain looks to be stopping today.


Blogger Amie said...

I've never understood why when they are bleeding, they must have lost a limb before they will complain. If all major body parts are still intact, it's "just a scratch".

If they have a runny nose, you'd think they had a paralyzing strain of Martian Death Flu...

4:15 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

There is no understanding men and illness. As for your coughing, think asthma. I was coughing for months, until DH could stand it no longer and I went to the doc. Now I'm on meds and no more coughing. Good luck at the doctor, hope he/she finds the answer.

8:18 PM  

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