Thursday, September 30, 2004

we now return to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

This after sitting in the Albany Airport for two days straight, because all flights in and out of Atlanta were cancelled. I guess it's beyond the Albany Airport's friendly Delta Customer Service Representatives to understand that some people actually LIVE in Atlanta and therefore are willing to be put on another carrier to get back to Atlanta, rather than waiting around for eight hours so they can catch a direct flight. I told them to put me on Northwest through Detroit or whatever, but would they? No. I had to sit for days in that freezing airport which closes at 8 PM and wait until they cancelled yet another of my flights home.

I will say this, Albany Airport has a great McDonald's.

Thoughts of the day go to NBF who has discovered the maximum suckage factor of men, and to Rabbitch who is dealing with the painful family loss of Coochie, a fish she didn't really know well to begin with.


Blogger Rabbitch said...

Thank you for your support and comfort in our family's darkest hour.

2:31 AM  
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