Friday, September 17, 2004


That drunken Russian Ivan, as Colin Quinn calls him, left us powerless and me stranded in the rain for hours yesterday, after I had to drive through floods to go many circuitous routes because almost all paths to my house were blocked by fallen trees. The Man Who May Not Live in the House for Much Longer if He Does Not Replace the Front Door Lock as He Promised to Do When We Bought the House in December 2002 was at work until 9 PM, blithely unaware of the situation, and I had no knitting with me. By the time The Man came to his soon-to-be former domicile, it was pitch black outside, and he had to find an alternate means to break in, because the power was not going to magically come on and let us in using the handy dandy garage door opener. What did he do? Complain that the house was covered with roaches because the ground was too wet for them to stay in the ground. Complain that he was wet. Complain that he was cold. Complain that dinner wasn't ready.

*Note: For those of you not in the South, just deal. It's something you just get used to. Roaches (or palmetto bugs, which is what I have in abundance) don't die because even at 30 degrees in the winter it doesn't get cold enough here for them to die. And they fly.

All this leads up to still no power in the house, no pictures of the RAOK from yesterday or the other one referred to, and me being puzzled as to why people as puzzled at my coming into work today. Uh, people? I have light here. Power. Heat. Hot water.

I will complete the RAOK discussion later.

And regarding Kae's comment yesterday, yes, the mail was teetering. It was a tower. A terrifying, teetering, tower of mail.


Blogger Jane said...

Gigantic roaches - oh yes, I'm very familiar with those beasts! You must have The Man of the House (or yourself, if you're so inclined) scurry over to Do-It Yourself Pest Control. They will arm him with all the necessary weapons to throughly wipe those nasty critters out! You don't even need to spray in the house, as strange as that seems. We find it needs doing about once every two years or so. Not a bad trade-off for a couple of hours work. As for Ivan the Terrible, I was able to stay in the house all day Thursday, and it fortunately wasn't very bad here. Hope all is back to normal for you by now.

7:04 PM  

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