Saturday, June 03, 2006

bright and early for the daily races going nowhere going nowhere

So yeah, it's the return of the drunk blogger. I've been drunk many times and blogged, but I didn't tell all y'all I was drunkened. So add to the times I told you by at least 100%. So my flight to the A-T-L was cancelled, it was the 8:00 flight and the 9:00 was cancelled alredy so whammo, no fly home today, but i got on a flight tomorrow, but it's at 11 am, which means I miss my quartet;s performance tomorrow afternoon, and it's The Man Who Lives in the House's birthday weekend and we lose half a day but I took Monday off. So I left the airport ojh and my flight is gonna be first class at least so I left the airport and I went work. Yeah I'm lame, And I worked until midnight and I unpacked my home office boxes. But I'm gonna sleep now.


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