Sunday, August 06, 2006

let down and hanging around crushed like a bug in the ground

I finished crocheting the second sleeve of Prepster last night, and took my time seaming it. I seamed the shoulder sleeves, in a glorious example of how to seam.

And then I seamed the set-in sleeves.

I have a giant lumpy mess. And I can't get the pictures to show up so I can't show you how horrific it all looks.


Blogger Ann said...

A giant lumpy mess..that sorta sounds like me after a weekend of going out to eat and eating way too much.

I don't usually feel too photogenic during those times myself--and I'm not a assemblage of sleeves and body. Luckily your lumpy mess can be steamed into place.



3:13 PM  
Blogger Sarah said...

ok, try to get the pictures to work, and then maybe we can troubleshoot. You may have to redo the seams, or just give it a good blocking, but I'm sure it'll turn out fine in the end!

10:52 PM  

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