Friday, November 03, 2006

where you going for tomorrow where you going with that mask i found

don't you hate having teh hiccups (spelled technically "hiccoughs") at 2 AM when you've had a lot of beer and stuff?

so lemme see if this makes sense to you.

three egg omeletee omelete omelette
with ham and cheese
comes with toast
choice opf grits or hash borwns
($1 charge to substitue fruid, salad or tomatoeo)
so ok
you get the ham and cheese omelete
with hash bowns
rye toast
ans say
"i want the tokato, too"
and they say, "$1 fee"
why is it $1 instead of hashbrowns but also $1 in addition to hash browns?
and they give you three measley sloces of tomato.
remind me to tell all y'all the mcdonalds story.


Blogger Karida said...

soooo, are we talking wonderland on thursday nights now?

9:14 PM  

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