Friday, September 07, 2007

the sun is white and the moon is grey and the river is black and blue and green

And I lied when I said I'd start the second mitt because instead I started a cardigan for my friend Bill out of Karabella Aurora 8, color 22 which is a charcoal grey, beautiful, it's a Black Purl pattern but the picture isn't on their Web site (poor small little company needs help with their Web site design). Here's a bad picture of the ribbing, although I have about 9 inches of the back done so far.


Blogger pia said...

aurora 8 is my favorite thing in the world. and funny enough, I'm pretty sure the Jess you're friends with is the one that talked me into my first Aurora 8 purchase when I was in the C.Chase store for about 6 hours one day trying to make a colour decision. That's what's becoming my Wicked! Yeah, sorry, random and long rant, but thanks for digging my bag, I'm kind of in love with it right now.

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