Friday, January 21, 2005


I cannot recreate that post, it took too darned long to type.

The long and short of it is this.

1. Still looking for resignation tell off letters. International submissions welcome. What have you always wanted to say and never have to your worst boss ever? Only have excellent submissions from Janice and Rabbitch so far. I know you're out there.

2. In knitting news, I'm knitting a worsted weight pink cashmere scarf for a friend. I'm about to rip out what I've done and make it cable knit.

3. In reading news, I still read two to three books a day. The new J. D. Robb Eve Dallas comes out next week, Lioness.

4. Parents: arrived at 5 AM. Ignored all directions. Took a completely different way and then blamed me for not giving them adequate directions. Didn't call when they got lost. Didn't bring the cell phone charger for a week long trip. Managed to break the Sirius radio antenna in my driveway and blamed everyone but themselves for it. Were afraid to let the dog loose in the house and kept asking me if I "had permission" for them to do so. From whom? The homeowner's association? It's my house! (Well, mine and the bank's, but still.) After three hours of not getting into any trouble, they still asked if it was okay for Birdie to be loose in the house.

When they arrived the only thing they wanted to do was go to Target. For four hours. Do they not have Targets in upstate New York? Are they so vastly different? Oh, but they don't sell the small sized dog bones in New York. Wow. This made the trip worthwhile, then, I guess. They asked if there was a laundromat nearby to wash the dog's bedding. What, exactly, is wrong with my washer and dryer? Oh, they're allowed to use it? I told them only if they drove to Kroger and bought miniature laundry soap and paid me in four quarters.

They left the next morning. The Man Who Lives in the House and I were ready to tear out our hair. My friend came two hours later. We drank much wine and relaxed. I like visitors like that.

Crazy Lady called me this morning and asked me to fly up to Albany so I could drive her to New York in February for the Westminster Kennel Club dog show (Birdie is entered) at Madison Square Garden. This is that big snooty one they show on tv over two days and makes all the news shows. I was on the news several times at this show in...1998? 1999? Maybe both? Anyway, her reasoning behind this is that the Gramercy Park Hotel is under construction and she refuses to stay at any other hotel in Manhattan and besides, other hotels are charging $250 per night. Therefore, she will pay $260 for my round trip ticket to Albany so I can drive down at 3 AM, get to the Garden at 6 AM, be stuck there until 8 PM (unless Birdie wins Best of Variety in which case I'll be there until Midnight), with the incentive of "I'll buy you some deli! From the kosher deli!" So I can't even get some freaking CHEESE on my corned beef sandwich! After which I get to drive BACK for three hours.

When I reminded her I'd miss Valentine's Day with The Man (and granted, he won't care, just slap a box of Cello chocolate covered cherries in his hands and he's as happy as a clam), her response was, "I'll send him some chocolate on your behalf."

So...should I do it? Last time I went I rammed headfirst (unintentionally) into Larry King about three times, and landed on tv more times than I could count.


Blogger Rabbitch said...

Sure, I think you should do it. Then I'd like you to come to my house and clean it. Cleaning services charge anywhere from $10-15 an hour, so I'll pay you $100. And buy you a pickle. Bur honey, it's a garlic pickle! And I'll give you an extra $5 to drive me to the dentist.

3:42 AM  
Blogger Rabbitch said...

Your email addie isn't on your profile, baby, and I don't have you added to my address book for some insane reason. That's why I haven't sent you my address.

I'd rather not post it here. Email me at and I'll send it, mmkay?

8:25 PM  

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