Friday, January 07, 2005

getting it from all sides

Thanks for everyone's kind words about my current job! I haven't gone into too much detail. I have been in this kind of situation before and it's difficult. I'm not in the "have sex with me or lose your job" kind of situation. I'm in the "you're my employee and therefore let me tell you all about how I can't get an erection" confidante kind of situation. Gross! I mean, do I look like a fucking psychiatrist? Can we set some mother fucking boundaries here, people? If I even attempt to do so I am being "insubordinate." So fully 5 hours of my taxpayer-paid Federal government contractor workday is spent hearing about his fat girlfriend and how he can't get it up or how she complains she he can't get her off (I mean seriously, people, she's never heard of a fucking vibrator?), and then the unthinkable happened.

She dumped his ass.

Now all I get is "How can I get her back? I still love her! If I call her do you think she'll have pity sex with me?" blah blah blah.

Our corporate headquarters are in a suburb of DC, so they're no help.

Carriebelle commented that Atlanta was not a remote location. Well, it kinda is when you compare it to Washington, D.C. Since the job is in DC, I would be in a remote location. I might as well be in the outer reaches of Africa for all they think.

[post edited for reasons only I know]

We did go to a yarn store in DC, Stitch DC. Nice Store, friendly atmosphere, decent stock, highly recommended.