Wednesday, October 20, 2004

wednesday, post two

Just some quizzes I took I've seen around the blogs. I won't post the images here, but here are my results.

On the What Kind of Girl are You? (people, I went to Smith, albeit briefly, we're WOMEN), I am both the Indie Girl and the Progressive Girl.

While I do drive a hybrid car, I would never have a mutt dog. I'm a breeder. I am way more of the Indie Girl.

On the What Kind of Knitter Are You? quiz, I am, like Amie, a Knitting Goddess.


I changed my profile picture on Blogger to a closeup from the same picture. My hair is not long anymore. It is not the naturally auburn color anymore, but is currently black and red-fuschia. That picture is three years old. I feel like I look so young there. Must be because I just turned 30.


Blogger trackingprojectbackpack said...

how do you like the civic hybrid? We've got a Prius and love it.

lynn at

6:08 PM  

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