Wednesday, October 20, 2004

some days I feel like Plutarch.

Bonus points to the first person who gets the reference. Googling or other search engining not allowed.

I was reading Harlot's post about coming home from being away and finding mysterious electronic things everywhere, coffee mugs upside down, and the knives put away where the small spoons should go. I have determind that she and I are married to the same man. And really, has anyone ever actually seen Joe and The Man Who Lives in the House in the same room at the same time?

Have I actually seen The Man Who Lives in the House lately?

Does The Man even live in the house anymore?

Not much incentive to finish the sex gloves, despite the fact that I have two fingers left. I'm not the one who gets turned on when I wear them, after all. I'm ignoring the fact that I was designing them for my brother's girlfriend's fashion show and I'm on a deadline. Deadline, schmeadline. Plus also in the show is this cheerleader I went to high school with who was a total bitch to me because my brother was the popular jock and I was the goth (in the pre-goth days of the late 80s) drama club smart one. How all of these people ended up finding each other in San Francisco when we all went to high school about 30 miles north of Albany, New York is beyond me. My brother's girlfriend was at my parent's house for the holidays last years and she saw my prom pictures. She and I wore the same dress to the prom - purchased at the same boutique in downtown Saratoga Springs. So anyway, I don't feel pressured to finish the gloves, and I think my bamboo DPNs have actually long since fallen out of the stitches in my alpaca knitting bag (bought by my brother's girlfriend who went with my brother to Peru in July and actually managed to drag him to an alpaca farm, and bought me 25 hanks of alpaca yarn. Ah, she will make a great sister-in-law someday. My brother was only interested in climbing Machu Picchu).

Then I have a newly developed problem wherein my wholly indoor cat has fleas. Fleas! They're driving me crazy! Where did they come from? He doesn't even go outside! And they're all over the place! I have some yarn on the bed of the guest bedroom (ran out of room in my Elfa bins, of course, my stash is so large), and the cat is freaking curling up with the yarn. What to do?

So I hop on over to Rabbitch's blog where she is having a flea problem, an ankle problem, and has the flu. She claims I'm just trying to one-up her with my ills.

Has anyone ever seen Rabbitch and me in the same room at the same time?

I thought not.

Speaking of Superman, does anyone else watch Smallville? What's up with the introduction of Lois Lane?


Blogger Janice in GA said...

Fleas are minions of Satan. You probably already know this, but I think Frontline has a product for cats. It works well for dogs. We've been flealess (knock wood) for some years now.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Rabbitch said...

Hmm, maybe we ARE the same person? Do you say ass a lot? Are you a mezzo? What sort of music do you sing?

10:51 PM  

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