Friday, October 22, 2004

cheap, good beer


$5 at 4:20 PM on Mondays and Thursdays gets you a pint glass and four pulls of your choice at Sweetwater Brewing Company. My carpool buddy and I stopped, despite my first session back at the gym since February scheduled for 6 PM, with a new trainer this time since my former trainer has long since left. Was this a good idea? Probably not. Was it a beautiful 72 degrees and sunny outside? Oh yeah. Did I do it anyway? You betcha. Did my lips and tongue and teeth go numb after the second beer? Yep. Did all pain go away halfway through my third beer? What do you think? I was a half hour late for my session but I worked out anyway. Triceps and biceps. My arms are killing me today.

Good times.

Responses to reader comments:

I love my Honda Civic Hybrid. The bass in my quartet has a 2004 Prius and she loves it. Hers is very fancy schmancy and has a GPS and tells her when to turn. Her car also looks like a hybrid car. My car looks like a real car and the only thing indicating that it's a hybrid on the outside is the word "hybrid" on the back of it and the fact that the antenna is in the middle of the roof, much like the Ford Focus.

I have no pain drugs. They won't give me any. Thanks for the sympathies. The physical therapy is actually making my knee hurt worse.

I have read the Death on Demand series, although I prefer Carolyn Hart's Henrie O. series. I have read Dick Francis, because most of them take place in my hometown of Saratoga Springs. I love Anne Perry's Thomas and Charlotte Pitt books but haven't gotten into her new World War I series. I have read the Harry Potter books, except the most recent one; The Man Who Lives in the House and I are stalled somewhere about halfway in the middle and never picked it back up.

I know Frances is a woman and Francis is a man, I just didn't know which one was the hurricane.

I have to shop for my Halloween costume this weekend. I'm going as Frankenhooker.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

LOL, Oh my Gosh, Frankenhooker is excellent! I have to steal your costume! I was going to be Carolyn Bessett Kennedy, post plane crash but yours is so much funnier!-Aggie

4:45 AM  

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