Monday, February 07, 2005

the ominous telephone call.

On Thursday afternoon, I had an email stating that my offer letter would be arriving on Friday. Yippee! Then on Thursday afternoon, I had a call from the new company asking me for details that they needed before they could possibly send my offer letter out. Does this seem like a good sign to you? Among those details? "Which campus of The University of Michigan did you attend, Dearborn or Flint?"

"Uh, neither. Ann Arbor."

"But I only have the option to verify your attendance online at Dearborn or Flint."

"Ann Arbor is the main campus. Dearborn and Flint are very small satellite commuter campuses."

"But then how do I do verification?"

I thought about telling her that since this was HER JOB that perhaps she should consider looking into an alternate career. I wisely kept my mouth shut and said that perhaps calling The University of Michigan would be the correct course, and no, I didn't have the phone number, but I was sure the area code would be 734.

As soon as I hung up, I had a phone call from Napoleon's boss in Virginia, who wanted to discuss the latest email I sent detailing Napoleon's wrongdoings. He of course wasn't as concerned about the sexual harassment as he was about Napoleon's bragging about not receiving a review from his boss and being unsupervised.

On Friday the head of HR called and asked me to file a formal complaint. I asked if they weren't just going to fire him. "No, this will just be a warning." I told her it would take me some time to draft it (say, maybe the month it'll take the new company to do my background check).

The offer letter came and I FedExed my ok for the background check. I came home to find a letter from a collections agency demanding payment for a bill I paid two months ago. The check cleared my bank account. Do you think I won't get the job now?

HELP! I can't stay managing this records management program forever! I'm starting to panic!


Blogger Jane said...

Don't panic. I know there is a way to deal with this in a timely and effective manner. I can't think how off the top of my head, but I think you'll find the answer if you go to He knows everything about this stuff. If the new job says anything to you about the collection agency, just explain the situation to them. It won't sound lame, and almost everyone has had a similar problem at some time. I also hope you will file a complaint against your boss. The documentation will go in his file, and they need stuff like that if they have any hope of firing him in the future (near or far.) Good luck with your new job!

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