Saturday, February 12, 2005

too much information time.

I just took this test and I scored 81% Bitch (this put me in the Denis Leary category). So far this is the highest I have seen on anyone else's blog. I tend to score high on all quizzes, I figured since I am pretty much known for being a massive bitch a la Eve Dallas this would be along the same lines. I expect at least one member of my quartet to score higher, though, so I'm not alone.

The Man Who Lives in the House sent me this fantastic web page a couple of weeks ago and I've been hypnotized by it. I showed it to the quartet and we figured out the song is some Romanian dance hit "Dradostea Din Tei" by O-Zone. I know, you could have figured it out for yourself by the lyrics, but what fun would that have been? So I had to buy it from the iTunes Music Store and then burn CDs for everyone with it repeated 22 times. Apparently, after the third CD was burned, my CD-RW drive in my trusty two year old iBook decided it had had enough Romanian and died. That's it, just...died. I mean, I was about to trade up for a Powerbook anyway, probably a 12" or 15" model, because The Man has a 17" model, or maybe just a newer iBook, but I would have happily sold my perfectly-working iBook on eBay or given it to a family member or something and now my computer thinks I have no CD drive whatsoever. It's as if it doesn't exist.

I blame Dracula.

In any case, I still have the song in my iTunes and I can blast it in the mornings from my computer wirelessly through some Hannukah present gadget The Man bought me on repeat play.

I spent 14 hours at work yesterday and Napoleon didn't contact me. Did I mention he found out I am filing against him? I spoke with HR. She confirmed he called her fishing for information as to whether I had called her and what I had called about. She played it cool but thought the leak came from my end. After a couple of days of thinking about it, I have an idea of where the leak came from and I think it's at corporate (but not from her).

So last week I had my legs, armpits, and my chin waxed. My legs are still smooth, my armpits are spottily hairy again, and my chin has a full beard. Why do I think 100 years ago I could have been the bearded lady in the circus?

Oh, and I won the contest Jen was running...yay me! It's the yarn to make this which I'm rather excited about. The Man will groan when he sees more yarn arriving at the house.


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