Tuesday, March 15, 2005

thanks everyone...

So Stacey said she'd make a voodoo doll for me (although really, one of Rabbitch would be preferable - think of it! I could take pictures of it in front of the Canadian Embassy whilst doing unmentionable things to its body! - and Rabbitch and Hockey Mom said they'd help me bury the body while Orris said she'd help us all get over the border (although hopefully Rabbitch wouldn't have too much of a problem being Canadian as well, but I'm thinking perhaps the equal number of Americans to Canadians there would be even more in our favor).

Thank you, everyone, for your support. I really need it. The Man Who Lives in the House and I are sort of speaking again, if only to exchange a few words as to where things are for the accountant and the progress of the painting in the foyer (ironic, if we're going to divorce and will need to sell the house, I'm thinking a foyer of blood red might not sell well, but this has been in the works for awhile now).

[Information edited]

And apparently something's in the water, because I'm not the only one having these problems.

And Beth, thanks for the thoughts. My in-laws (a gigantic family) is in Richmond and I am forced to spend every single non-Jewish holiday there. Much as it's a nice city, I am sort of avoiding it without being forced to be there at the moment.


Blogger Lauren said...

Hey Rebecca. Sounds like things might be better than they were the other day... I did get your email, and I will respond soon... I have not had the chance to look at my calendar and plan a time. What times do you take lunch?

8:15 AM  
Blogger Violet said...

Sounds likes things are somewhat better. Important thing is that you know you have support.....and real friends to help you hide bodies!

9:53 AM  
Blogger Michelle said...

I hope things work out the way you want them to...whichever way that may be.

6:49 PM  

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