Wednesday, March 02, 2005

while we all eagerly await....

for la bitch's lazy fucking ass to take pictures of her non-dead Muppeted slipper-clad feet - Rabbitch, they're your feet, for fuck's sake! Take the goddamned fucking pictures and let's get on with our fucking lives here before my hair becomes even redder and curlier and I end up in some godforsaken nation's capital such as Ottawa! - a boringly brief update.

Work is fine.

I'm terrified I'm going to fail and get fired within about a month, proving everything that Napoleon is saying right now, that I shouldn't have been hired anyway and that I'm completely incompetent and that I always was and that he was about to have fired me anyway which is all just total bullshit and I have become twatzilla now and I'll stop babbling now but now you know I have ZERO self-confidence and ZERO self-esteem despite the fancy veneer I put over myself. Someday they're going to figure it all out and then where will I be? I mean they figured it out at my job in New Hampshire, although sometimes I think it doesn't count because, like, they had me cold-calling law firms to market their R&D services and I don't think that's a very research librarian / corporate archivist / records manager type of thing for me to be doing, do you? So when I managed to drum up no new business I got fired because I couldn't perform my job.

Well fuck 'em all, I moved to Atlanta and met The Man Who Lives in the House and is Completely Incapable of Making a Single Home Improvement Decision Without My Input.

I had to take my housemate shopping tonight to "Beccify" her for her upcoming presentation this weekend. She wanted to be funky. Of course, I bought stuff too. I then had a massive asthma attack in the middle of the mall and could not find my inhaler, which, it turns out, I left at home. Great place for it, huh? I'm having serious breathing issues.

Tomorrow, El Presidente W comes near our building and apparently security will rather make walking nearby suck ass. Woo hoo! This will be a new experience for me.


Blogger Violet said...

Napolean is an ass and everything he said about you untrue! I worked for a Napolean once myself and am much better now that he is out of my life. Always believe in yourself and your dead muppets :)

4:52 PM  
Blogger Elabeth said...

I will never give anyone anything knitted without first taking a picture of it. It took almost a damn month for me to get a halfway decent pic of that damn Kittyville hat back from my friend Julia. Stupid lazy picture takers! :)
I'm so starting that exercise stuff on Monday. I swear. I have a fancy treadmill I bought last year when I thought I was gonna get off the couch and everything.

11:24 PM  

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