Tuesday, February 22, 2005

gizoogle dis shiznit

I know we've gotten off track with The Mizzy Colossal Bitch from H-to-tha-izzell (and I have replaced Google with Gizoogle for all of my search engine needs) but I thought if anyone wondered I'd catch you up on my work situation.

'Tis officially no more. That is to say, I am "on vacation" this week, my final week of work.

Thursday I called HR and told them I was giving my notice. It was suggested I give my notice directly to Napoleon's boss, and that Napoleon would not be notified of this in any way. I was to wait until Friday afternoon as I was LITERALLY walking out the door, and hand him my badge, keys and timesheet and tell him I was leaving. I had enough vacation time with Monday being a Federal holiday to take vacation through the rest of my two week notice.

All went well and my employees kept everything on the downlow until Friday morning at about 11:30 AM, when Napoleon himself walked to my desk, which at that point was completely packed up, and I was finishing with some final instructions. It was obvious I was clearing out my desk. He came in and sat down. This was the first time I had seen him in two weeks.

"Gee, are you going somewhere?" (Let's state the obvious, here, people, what a brain trust!)

I looked at him directly, in the eyes, which made him incredibly uncomfortable, and while he was squirming I said, "Today is my last day here." I then my back on him and turned back to my computer.

He interrupted. "Hmm. Job abandonment? Aren't even giving your two week notice?" Nice and snide. Considering he and I fired someone last year for the same reason.

"No, I gave my two week notice already." (Note the complete lack of providing any information on my part which would make his life easier.)

"Well, Rebecca, as your supervisor (you can imagine the condescending tone here), I would expect to receive the two week notice myself."

"Well, (imagine this in a sickly sweet tone of voice) I would expect to give that two week notice to my supervisor only when he or she has earned a modicum of respect from me. In this case, I gave my notice to HR and to your supervisor directly." This insult went directly over his head. My employees also were very upset with me because they only heard the tone of voice and not the words so they thought I was being too nice to him.

He then insisted on a "project close-out meeting." One wonders why, since he did no work. I told him there was no reason for it and I wouldn't attend, and then I called HR and told them I wouldn't attend one, who called him and told him not to have a meeting with me, so he called me and cancelled the meeting but demanded a project close-out email, which I refused to write. He then came to my desk four more times that day and had impromptu meetings anyway. One of my employees "happened" to interrupt every single time with a question of great import. I always answered with nonsense ("Oh, with that you have to use the SQL statement update records set rec_dept = '/W/R/F/R/' where rec_boxno = 23514") and she would write it down faithfully even though her question would be something like "how do I write a document in Microsoft Word?" and it would be obvious to anyone but Napoleon.

Today was the first day back for everyone after the holiday yesterday and apparently he threatened all of the employees, telling them he was about to fire me anyway and I saved him the paperwork of doing so, and that he knew what I "had been up to" and that "this was going to stop."


Firing someone for filing a sexual harassment suit is illegal, actually. Even in a Right to Work state such as Georgia. (Gotta love those anti-Union states.)

Anyway, I deleted all of my emails and sent him nothing.

Payback's a biznitch.


Blogger Janice in GA said...

Well, good. I'm glad you're out of there and away from that idiot.
Be gentle when you get back over him though. Let karma bite him in the ass.

11:13 AM  
Blogger um said...

hi there, i'm not sure what the background is to your napoleonic horror, but congrats on getting out of there. he sounds like a real ass. good luck with your new job!

12:39 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

I just LOVE the way you handled that. Very classy and professional. Have fun on your two week vacation, and best of luck with the new job.

4:59 PM  
Blogger Rabbitch said...

Kill him. Gently, kindly and professionally.

With a pointy stick.

8:59 PM  
Blogger hockey mom said...

Good luck. Sounds like the worst of it is behind you.

10:08 PM  

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