Monday, February 21, 2005

insane loonatic

So The Most Colossal Bitch from Hell has some demented delusions of grandeur that I am somehow jealous of her because she makes thirty dollars CANADIAN knitting dishcloths that only blind people can bear to look at because otherwise the dishcloths will make normally sighted people go blind. Actually, it would make my dishes go blind.

What does thirty dollars Canadian work out to American, like $1.87?

Feel my envy here, people. I'm positively green.

Then she shows a picture of her injured thumb. If you haven't read her post, go there now. Does that look injured to you? I see no injury. Again, this was just another excuse for her not to knit because she was too fucking lazy to knit a dishcloth, wah wah, whine whine whine. First she was sick, then she was injured, woe is me.

Then, I'm supposedly jealous because she spent all day in her jammies because she didn't have to go out all day.

Yesterday, I spent all day in my flannel jammies covered in stars, AND I went out and ran errands, wearing them, a doo-rag, and my fuzzy dead Muppet slippers. Real women don't care what they wear when going out. I went and ran errands wearing all of the above and nobody at any of the places I went to even blinked upon seeing me. Why? Because they see me wearing same often enough that this is not an unusual occurrence. Keep in mind I have guests in town for six days, and then my quartet then came over and rehearsed, and then more people came over and we watched movies and played video games, and we ran out and got take out (chicken wings, and I'm aware I still owe the chicken wings story), and we played more video games, and the jammies were still on.

I'll end this bitchslap on the note of the cabling. Little Miss Scaredycat is afraid to cable. I'm gonna fly my ass up to British Columbia and force a cable hook through her nose until she does a cabled dishcloth.

And on that note, here is progress on the cashmere scarf:
I'm on the beginning of the fourth repeat and it needs eight repeats. Two weeks later and I'm still waiting for the next skein of yarn from Stitch DC. Here's a close up of the pattern:
And here's a scarf I made out of some Pluckyfluff yarn and Jaeger Albany and leftover Noro Cash Iroha while playing Spiderman 2 in January:
and a closeup:
To finish, a picture of today's dreariness in Atlanta. It's cold again here. I want the weather to stop changing already.


Blogger hockey mom said...

And what the hell is with the thunderstorms? My kids are hiding under their desks at home while I sit at my office. Nope, no mom of the year award here.

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