Thursday, March 03, 2005

Freudian slippers

[ed. note: so now I'm "the ungrateful cow," Rabbitch? I guess the last picture will make my feet match, then. I could have used them today. - The Cow. Moo.]

Hello again; it's me, your humble Rabbitch.

I would have posted again sooner but I've been busy tending to my horrible wound.

A wound sustained, may I note, more than likely while defending Rebecca's somewhat-shaky reputation in some sort of internet pissing competition.

How does one bruise one's toes in a metaphorical pissing competition? You may well ask.

Not a fucking clue, but I suspect it was something along the same lines as whatever I was doing when I ended up with 12 stitches on my ass after a hot-tub accident.

They tell me I was having a lovely time right up until the blood and glass and screaming portion of the evening started.

I was also somewhat delayed in the writing of this post because of the necessity of hauling out the machete and denuding my legs. I may have very little shame, but posting my hairy legs in public is beyond even me.

Enough! On with the fashion show.

My family is well-known for our love of slippers. We have the brotherly boots (which he actually wears):

and of course the kitty slippers with which my daughter is enamoured.

And then we come to my personal collection of slippers. From the casual and flirty teddy-printed flipflops

to the more practical but still feminine pink boots

I am proud to say that I am always fully prepared to meet whatever slipperly need may arise in my day to day life, no matter what the occasion.

I even have slippers appropriate for more formal functions such as weddings and state funerals.

I'm willing to lend these soy-sauce-splattered cows to you, Rebecca, should you ever have occasion to meet the President.

I'm just sweet that way.


Blogger Rabbitch said...

Oh great, and now I'm commenting on my own post.

I would just like to say that I wore those slippers plus a flannel nightshirt decorated with cows in party hats, all the way through SeaTac airport about four and a half years ago.

I didn't have a problem with people crowding me.

3:43 AM  

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