Monday, December 05, 2005

somebody save me let your warm hands break right through me

Yeah, I know it's the theme song to "Smallville." You got a problem with the fact that I watch "Smallville"? Lex is totally hot.

Friday night I finished the fingerless mitts from Alterknits
right before I got a manicure so please excuse my nasty looking nails, here they are not on my hands
so I used ribbon from Judi and Co. which I think looks great but it's very thin so I used four lengths of it in each mitt, and it won't stay tied in a bow so finally today I double knotted it and let the ends trail and I'm happy with them. However, despite the pattern, I ended it with about one yard of Manos left. I love Manos, but boy was that pattern way the fuck off.

Now, for a comment/diatribe against Dunwoody Yarn.

For the past two Saturdays in a row, I have gone to Dunwoody Yarn, during the hours it was supposedly open, and it was closed. Is this a way to run a business? What the fuck?

I only went to buy specific yarn. I went because it was convenient. I went today with Trixie because the yarn I wanted to buy was on sale. I bought what I went to buy only and left.

But not before hitting the back of some guy in a BMW and now I have to pay to repaint the guy's back bumper for like $500 which just sucks ass but exemplifies my day which began with a trip to the doctor where I found out I have a sinus infection and I was put on a THIRD antibiotic and I feel like shit and I pulled a muscle in my shoulder but then Trixie and I went to Michael's where we bought buttons for the baby sweater I started and almost finished this weekend out of Lion Brand Microspun in bright red and handles for the purse I started making out of Noro Daria, has anyone ever knit with that stuff? It's so fucking weird and wiry. I had three skeins of it in my stash for two years so I thought a purse for...someone for Christmas would be not out of line.

Total avoidance of the second sock.

I leave for DC in the morning for two weeks. I haven't packed. My house is a mess. The cleaning people come tomorrow. I can't find my corset, which I was planning on wearing to my company's holiday party this weekend. It's snowing in DC and the cleaners don't have my winter jacket fixed yet. I worked for a total of three hours today.

Bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch, bitch.


Blogger Carrie said...

Hello - I have not been thrilled with DY the few times I have been there either. I like their Twisted Sister yarn though. And they have all that Dale of Norway baby ull which comes in handy for all the millions of babies in my life right now.

I'll be in DC around xmas - with the inlaws. I like visiting them, but do not look forward to the cold!

Sounds like you're having quite a streak of luck.... do you feel that? It's me cleansing your aura from over here.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Carrie said...

oh yeah... and I love your mitts.

8:41 AM  
Blogger Zen Wizard said...

Lex Luthor has the proud distinction of winning a coveted spot on my "White Guys Who Look Good with a Shaved Head"-list.

Only about 20 white guys on the planet can claim such an honor.


1:23 PM  

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