Wednesday, December 07, 2005

a-tisket a-tasket a green and yellow basket

On the way to lunch in the cafeteria today, I stopped by the vendor at work and had to look at the baskets he was selling from Nigeria. No scams involved. On the way back from lunch, I bartered the price of this huge basket
down to $40 and now I have a place to store my DC apartment yarn stash.

This is the third blog picture I have posted that I took at work. Depressing, isn't my office?

But I ripped a contact lens at work today and the basket is heavy and no, it didn't come with a flute nor a cobra and I couldn't see so I left work early (well, earlyish, well, early for the crazy workaholic that I am) and I wasn't going to lug that basket home in the freezing cold so it's still at work. For the rats to find. Yes, we have rats. In the depressing office.

On the clothes for the holiday party front, I ordered another corset from the company and they're overnighting it to me in DC and I need to buy a dressy sexy black suit to wear open-jacketed with it and I'm set. Easier said than done.


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Dude, I like that. A lot.

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