Tuesday, February 21, 2006

chilled to the bone chilled to the bone hot wired heat all the way home

Have you ever gotten really cold and nobody around you is also cold? I always have this problem with The Man Who Lives in the House, but it's been really bad these past few days. I was sick all day yesterday, so yeah, enjoyed that holiday oh, so much. While I was sick, I kept having these dreams that I was at my elementary school's after school film series that my parents had to sign a permission slip for us to see because they showed the classic "Dear Diary" and some other movie about a girl who shoplifts and eventually gets arrested, while my brother in the boy's movie room saw movies explicity describing the act of sexual intercourse. We get "Oh, I got my period! Whatever will become of me now?" and the guys get actual sex. Fucking patriarchy.

I finished the hat I started at Stitching for Sanity last week. Beans really likes it.
So much so that he put it on.
This took exactly one ball of Karabella Aurora 8, I had about 12" of yarn left. Now that's planning.


Anonymous Imbrium said...

The Boyfriend gets super-cold when he's sleep-deprived. He can sit in a room that's 80F and shiver - it's kind of freaky. I produce all the body heat in our relationship, so I usually only have problems if I'm sick.

*valiantly resisting "Cat in the Hat" joke*

1:23 PM  

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