Friday, September 22, 2006

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Last weekend, The Man Who Lives in the House and I decided to drive to MicroCenter in Marietta.

We got horribly, horribly lost. Nobody could seem to tell us an easy way to get the Powers Ferry from Cobb Parkway and Windy Hill (answer: turn left on Windy Hill and drive ONE FUCKING BLOCK). But we did end up at one of my favorite Atlanta-area landmarks, the Big Chicken.
I just have to say, it's really fucking weird and creepy.


Blogger Janice in GA said...

When I first moved to Atlanta, I kept hearing about the Big Chicken, but I hadn't had any reason to go up to Marietta to see it. One day I got a service call up there. The directions said, "Turn left when you see the Big Chicken." I said, ok, hoping that it would be obvious what "The Big Chicken" was.

It was obvious.

What always impressed me were all the little birds that used to sit on the head and on the beak. They had the air of devotees worshipping at the idol of a god or something. :)

2:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite story about Marietta is that I was taking bartending classes in a strip mall right off the highway. I'd had a really, really bad day, and arrived like an hour early because there were multiple accidents and fatalities and I didn't want to go home first just to leave 5 minutes later to go to class. So, I decide to go to the bar for margaritas that was in the same strip as my class.

I walk in, and was immediately engulfed by red and blue. It took me halfway through 1 margarita before I realized the colors were in the shape of BUFFALOS (BUFFALOES??)

I am from NY and, when I realized I had accidentally stumbled into the only Atlanta, GA-based Bills bar (being a huge Bills fan, and not having been able to find anywhere I could watch the game), it was destiny. It completed me. Then I got shitfaced and went to my bartending class.

3:10 PM  

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