Wednesday, November 15, 2006

listen to the girl as she takes on half the world

So I was showing my roommate (hottie mcHott) the iTunes music store and she was all, "Gee, $1.69 is a lot of money to pay for one song" and I was all, "what the fuck you talkin' about, Willis?" and then I saw that every song was $1.69 and the albums were $17.99 and what the deuce happened to my $0.99 songs? The Man Who Lives in the House would've said something. So I called The Man and screamed "What the crap?!?" a la Jess and "why the fuck didn't you tell me?" and he had no clue what I was talking about so I told him and he said he hadn't heard anything and since he spends all of his free time reading Mac rummor boards, I believed him and then we figured out that somehow, iTunes decided I was a CANADIAN.

And so I say again, what the crap? My stolen wireless du soir cannot be from the Canadian embassy. I'm too far away.


Blogger jodi said...

Canadians get charged more? Is that some kind of surtax leveed for our superiority complex? I sure hope that doesn't catch on here, at least not until I'm back in Canada.

11:41 PM  

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