Wednesday, March 23, 2005

come into my lair, my precioussssss

The glutton for punishment Stacey requested I interview her. First Rabbitch, now me. Are you sure you want to inflict this punishment upon yourself?

1. I do a bit of cross stitch myself (shocking, isn't it? You'd never know I did anything from the complete lack of images on my blog of late and my bemoaning the completion of the pepto-pink cashmere scarf for Trixie) and I once had a complete psycho chorus director scream at me and the other two members of the quartet I was in at the time that we needed to do our stitches in a certain manner in order that the back appear a certain way; that is, neater than even the front. Being the lazy slack ass that I am, my back looked like a bunch of scribbles, as did all of my previous and numerous cross stitch and needlepoint projects, and I had a bunch of wasted floss on the back. Psycho Bitch Director from Hell cut out my work and made me redo it all, because she was Just That Kind of Person. You would never do such a thing to me, would you? And will you show us a picture of the back of your cross stitch?

2. So, you have a job where you can actually knit and cross stitch all day long, and I have a job where I actually went to my boss today and asked him to give me more work to do because although I technically had enough work, I was not under enough pressure to get it done so I was being unproductive. Once he threw work at me, I dug into that, finished it, and I started getting inspired to do my original work again. Can you explain what is wrong with me? Do I need psychiatric help?

3. I, too, am really into sushi; in fact, I eat it all the time. I do not, however, eat tripe or pickled pig's feet in jelly. Do you share your mother's culinary interests? And have you ever eaten lutefisk? Has she? (Being the good half Scandinavian - half of which is Swedish and half of which is Icelandic - that I am, I can honestly answer this question with a yes.)

4. How is the quitting smoking project going? Be honest.

5. You seem to have rabbits represented everywhere on your blog. Is that the only reason you read Rabbitch? It's okay if it is, I know we all look for excuses to pity her, I just want to make sure I understand yours. (Don't worry, I won't let on that you told me. I'll keep it just between us. Just like the voodoo dolls you're making. I understand that you wanted me to interview you because my questions would be so much better than hers. It's okay. We all understand that.)

Mindy, you're on for tomorrow. The stolen wireless I'm on in this neighborhood keeps disappearing and I need to post or lose this post forever...


Blogger Lauren said...

Glutton for punishment is right--you are a brutal interrogator :)

10:33 AM  
Blogger Colette said...

Brutal! Did you cut out any vital parts of the Psycho Bitch Director?

2:02 PM  

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