Tuesday, April 05, 2005

"$75,000 for a bus to a yarn store?"

Thank you, O Eloquent One, for putting it so succinctly.

Therefore, I am now offering a bounty.

Luxurious gift items to the first person who offers me photographic evidence of themselves next to and on the yarn bus. A sign in hand in my honor would be a necessity.

Trust me, the luxurious items will be luxurious indeed.

Does this give unfair advantage to those living in the NYC area? Abso-fucking-lutely. Suck it up, baby, suck it up.* But if you don't live in the NYC area and you submit something creative enough to make me laugh, I will reward you as well. If you do live in the NYC area but are too fucking lazy to get off your fat ass and attempt to take the yarn bus and try to submit something creative, you're a loser, unless you can write an essay in 32 words exactly as to why you could not catch the yarn bus.

For the librarians, archivists, and records managers out there, Trixie has posted a quiz for you on her blog. Check it out and let her know what you think! Being that I am all three, I actually got all three, the three times I took it. Typical.

*my second reference to the movie Heathers this month


Blogger Mindy said...

Haven't seen or ridden it yet, and I've heard that they're looking for drivers. Pay is competitive with schoolbus driving, apparently, and sounds like you get free yarn.

The article was pretty dippy, more about the stupid bus than the yarn store. Not very well researched either - I mean, there ARE yarns that are difficult to find in the city, and Manos ain't one of them.

I dunno, sounds like it might be worth a look; maybe as part of an upstate day trip but probably not a destination in and of itself.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Dani said...

Oh the flying fingers bus!!!
We're trying to plan a local SnB outting on this (We live on Long Island!) I PROMISE you when we get it going we will get a pic of us with a sign to you, bounty or no bounty LOL

I'm new to your blog so I will reserve comment on the relationship stuff, except for this - be good to yourself, the rest will work itself out. No real solice, I know, but sometimes that gentle reminder is necessary *s*

9:56 AM  

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