Sunday, April 10, 2005

oops, i did it again.

So my second week here in DC, I lost my wallet. (Jane, this is why I haven't sent you your check yet, but I promise it'll be on its way this week!) I went through the exercise of cancelling all of my credit cards and the next morning, it was located in the bar I had been in with Trixie's husband Wa Wa whilst Trixie was slaving away over a hot presentation in New Orleans.

What is the point of this story now, you ask?

I lost my ATM card tonight.

My brand-spanking new ATM card. It took ten days for that fucking card to get here, and now I have to do it again, about one month later. I am holding off on calling in the hopes that I really left it at a minor evil empire store where I purchased a loud and almost inappropriate for work jacket that I will most certainly wear to work, quite often.

So tonight after I got over my hangover, I met up with my college friend Jerry, who lives in Baltimore. I showed him the wonders of Mickey Mouse Hell and we listened to a semi-okay chick punk rock band, but alas, the Ukrainian dancers were naught to be found. Disappointed in our luck, we walked to an evil empire that began as the little cool indy bookstore that could in Ann Arbor, Michigan where I purchased the newest copies of Vogue Knitting, Interweave Knits, the remastered Clash London Calling CD set and a gift for Trixie. I bought the jacket (thereby seeing the last of my ATM card), we got on the Metro to Cleveland Park, and ate at a wonderful Italian restaurant at the top of the Metro stairs while sitting outside. Not only was it convenient, but we didn't have to even think about where to go. Jerry also gave me this:
Yes, the Librarian Action Figure! I'm so excited!

I have to say, I was offended on Nancy Pearl's behalf by the controversy regarding her figure. All of these hoity-toity librarians complained that she "set the profession back" by posing for the figure, by doing the "shushing thing," and by dressing so "dowdily."

Give me a fucking break.

This figure was created by the people who made the Jesus Christ Action Figure, complete with AK-47. Yeah, he was really carrying an AK-47 on the cross.

It's called irony, people. Look it up.

What's the first thing non-librarians ask you when they find out you're a librarian?

"So, uh, you like, uh, know the Dewey Decimal System? Do you make people keep quiet and stuff? What's your favorite book? Hey, you don't have a bun in your hair!" (the latter a really stupid comment considering how short my hair is.)

As for her dress, I take issue with criticizing people's dress. I have my own unique "style," as it were. The majority of the world would never understand it. I break all stereotypes with the way I dress. I wear ostrich feathers to work, for fuck's sake. I wear a scarf worn as a cape to work. I'll wear rhinestones if I feel like it and a belt tied into my hair. I would expect the same consideration for my dress as I would expect Nancy Pearl, a professional woman who has worked hard in our profession and has done it proud, to receive.



Blogger jodi said...

"You must read a lot!"

Or else they think being a librarian means you work the circ desk.

9:17 AM  
Blogger Zarzuela said...

Yeah the DDC question is my number one. I find it incredibly annoying (of course that may be because I DON'T know it since we use LC where I work! lol)


9:26 AM  
Anonymous leah said...

Thought 1) I left my ATM in the Borders on 14th and they cut it up *bastards* Anyway, when I called my bank for a replacement and still hadn't received my card after 2 weeks I called again... they ended up sending me 4 cards and every time I'd try to activate one they'd tell me it was reported stolen.

Thought 2) You should get one of those really nasty fake hair pony-tail holders that look like dead animals and carry it around in your purse. Then when people ask you if you have to have a bun in your hair, pull that sucker out and say, "Why yes... yes we do. I never leave home witout mine!" Then toss it at them... I bet they'd scream like a little girl.

Thought 3) I think it wouldn't be quite so fitting if you put Nancy Pearl in a black leather dominatrix getup... because then people would say, "Who's that supposed to be?"

9:35 AM  
Blogger Katy said...

I love the librarian action figure. I want one and I'm not even a librarian! My friend is a serials librarian at MIT and she gets all the stupid questions, all the time.
And more librarians should wear ostrich feathers. And loud jackets.

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

A bun! LOL! I have one somewhere...I wore a fake bun hairpiece at my wedding, since I have about 3 hairs and even long it's not enough to pull back into anything remotely resembling a bun.

And thanks for your comments on comments...I'll look into using a stat counter (duh, I should have thought of that myself).

7:43 PM  
Blogger Jane said...

First, don't worry re the check - anytime is good. Second, I love the librarian doll, even though I don't know who Nancy Pearl is. I also liked the Jesus action figure. We had a friend who was a librarian, and she used to work the homework phone line. Best question "How did the Egyptians multiply?" How indeed!

6:21 PM  
Blogger Lara said...

People need to chill out. C'mon-it's not an action figure from a novelty shop acting as the catalyst that will set the profession back 30's the idiots that get pissy over something this cheesy.

I get some pretty cheesy questions in my profession too. The best one was an email last week asking me what an environmental issue is. It took me a minute to figure out how I'd nicely word, "an environmental issue is an issue that affects the environment, you twit."

11:11 PM  

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