Thursday, December 29, 2005

ransom note style put the scarf around my motherfuckin face

Wish I could see the facial expressions of the people searching on Notorious B.I.G. who come here based on today's title. Well, it's better than my usual "pictures of teen casting couch porn sex" keywords. And who takes pictures of that? And teenagers? Eww. And my worst one ever, "nativity Christmas knitting sweater pattern." Because nothing says class and religious observation than a knit sweater depicting the nativity. I should put up pictures from the Nativity Pub Crawl last year (I played the camel, thank you very much).

For reasons unbeknownst to me, the one picture I took last night of Jenny trying on my sock will not transmit. I need to find my other computer and bluetooth adaptor to transfer that picture. So here's what I have for today: three completed scarves, for gifts.
From top to bottom, the Be Sweet Magic Ball scarf (about six feet long), a Blue Sky Bulky scarf, and a scarf made of Pluckyfluff. The Pluckyfluff scarf has pearls randomly scattered in it.
The other two scarves aren't as long as the Be Sweet scarf
but they're for little old people, so they'll be fine. So Crazy Lady and Rambo sent me this sock yarn
and for winning Phyl's contest I got this Alchemy Bamboo.
What to make? Bamboozelle? A lacy scarf? A kerchief/do-rag for my head? Something else? Please! Help me decide! (Incidentally, Bamboozelle was one of three things I liked in the current issue of Knitty. I just don't get some of the other things.)

I also finished the fingerless mitts from Weekend Knitting:
and my hands were really black afterwards
So I took everyone's advice from last night and a couple of days ago and soaked them in water with vinegar, three times, and no color came out, and then I soaked it in some Eucalan that Janice gave me and whammo! My sink was black and now the color keeps seeping out everywhere. FUCK. So NOW what? Do I send them anyway and tell my brother's girlfriend that if she should find a color/dye problem, to soak in vinegar? (She's a seamstress/fashion designer, so it's not like this would be a weird thing for her.)


Anonymous Imbrium said...

That Pluckyfluff scarf kicks much ass. I'll have to get me some of that (even if I have to sell a kidney to afford the yarn..sheesh!)

11:57 AM  
Anonymous elizabeth said...

Hey Rebecca-

I have absolutely no wisdom on you dye bleeding problem - so this is me being of no help to you at all.
I met you last night at La Mads. My name is Elizabeth and I will no longer just be a lurker. Good to meet you in person, hope to see you again soon!

Talk to you later,


12:54 PM  
Blogger Zen Wizard said...

Are you sure the "vinegar and water" advice didn't come from the people who were drawn by the "douche" keyword?

6:35 PM  
Blogger Melissa said...

Pluckyfluff scarf is gorgeous!
I say send the gloves and warn about the dye thing. I think she would understand given that she is a seamstress/fashion designer.

10:35 PM  

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