Friday, April 15, 2005

praise the lord and pass the ammunition

So today Crazy Lady called me and after babbling endlessly at me while I was desperately attempting to, I don't know, Mom, do some fucking work here? about this dog here and that dog there and some other dog flying to Alaska and to make it all ironic they're all beagles, literally, so they're really assbeagles and after I provided free computer support to her so she could file her taxes because she "no longer feels comfortable calling upon the services of" The Man Who Lives in the House (not that he would have done anything differently than I would have, actually) Crazy Lady mentioned that Rambo had ditched work so they were going to go to the movies today. "Oh, Mom, what are you going to go see?"

"Oh, we wanted to see Sin City."

Now, Crazy Lady is a fairly progressive woman. She was the first female attorney in a nine or twelve or some ungodly number county radius in our highly conservative upstate New York region growing up. She and my late, ultra-liberal, card-carrying ACLU member father marched against the Vietnam War on their way to City Hall to get married in 1969. She lived with Rambo, a man ten years younger than she, for ten years before marrying him, before such things were accepted in polite society and almost immediately upon legally separating from my father when she had two small children. She impresses the fuck out of me in some ways.

She will despise Sin City.

Let me explain something about my parents, and by the term "parents," I mean Dad, Crazy Lady and Rambo.

None of them believe(d) in censorship. In any form whatsoever.

My brother and I were raised to watch pretty much whatever we wanted to watch. My parents would rather we saw it and they knew about it so we knew that we could ask them questions about it. We always had a very open and honest relationship with them. They never blocked us from watching any movie. They may not have specifically shown us Behind the Green Door and I Spit on Your Grave at an early age (and we're talking 6 or 7 years old here, for me), but let's just say they knew we snuck around and saw it.

Horrified? You would never let your children do the same thing?

I never grew up with myths or fallacies about sex, the way other children did. Although I don't live according to any religious tenets and I don't really believe in "morals," per se, I do believe in ethics, and I believe I live a good life. The troubles The Man and I are having have nothing to do with either of us cheating on one another, and neither of us have any issue with repression. I don't believe in it. Life's too short.

Then again, not everybody grew up with a stepfather giving them advice such as the following at the dinner table: "If you're using a condom and foam for birth control, make sure you put the foam on afterwards. It won't make a difference to you, but it numbs the guy's tongue and it taste's like Vick's Vaporub(TM)."

So I'm twisted, I admit it. I even have a domain name devoted to pudding.

So being the comic book fan that I am, I was anxious to see Sin City. I went with my good friend Jerry (published poet name: Ambrosio Grandea, and he's very talented), who has actually read the graphic novels.

You know, I have a couple of issues with this movie.

First, I guess I get tired of seeing the same "big names" over and over again. I like Bruce Willis, really I do. I think he's a really good actor and I think he was good in this movie. But why is he in every single one of these movies? Granted, he plays a different role, but come on!

Second, and I knew it was coming right at the very beginning, so apologies if this is a spoiler for anyone and stop reading right now, the whole out of order thing. Makes sense for being a comic book, but I saw it right off the bat, and it's so been done before. *yawn*

Other than that? Interesting story lines. I've heard one thing, that it shouldn't be rated "R." I guess I'd concur, if I were to buy into the whole movie rating system to begin with. I always liked Siskel and Ebert's idea of adding an "A" for "Adult" to utilize what the "X" was initially meant to be (when the film "Midnight Cowboy" was first rated "X," before the MPAA rerated it "R" a few years ago).

One thing I would say is that it's the first comic book / graphic novel I feel has adequately been translated into the screen, visually and story-wise, and that's large and small screen, live-action. Shocking? Yes. Gruesome and violent? Yes, most definitely.

Would I expect less from a film by Richard Rodriguez? Nope.

Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.*


Anonymous leah said...

Husband liked The Punisher. He was thrilled when they made it into a movie, and he even liked the movie. We were supposed to see Sin City this weekend but the only babysitter we could get lined up cancelled. I am NOT sitting in a movie theatre with an 8 mo. old. Damnit.

8:34 AM  
Anonymous Kathy said...

But I can't tell if you liked or disliked the movie. Not that I would rush out to see it based on your opinion alone, mind you :)(we had planned to go on Wed. evening but decided we were too tired to leave the house). I'm mostly interested in seeing Miller's graphic style translated to the big screen.

8:42 AM  
Blogger Heidi said...

I saw it this weekend. I am not sure why but I seem to have pushed it out of my mind very fast. The "New Yorker" review this week was right on though, it summed up why I don't like Tarantino on top of giving some forgotten perspective on film noir...

And that Frodo kid was very freaky.


12:57 PM  

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