Thursday, August 11, 2005

a needle in a haystack?

Bah, I'm at the car dealer getting my regular car service and, amusingly enough, a software update, and I'm stuck on this suck-ass XP laptop (aka "Tallulah," my work computer). I miss my iBook.

So, I need your help, people!

The variegated green Morehouse Merino lace weight yarn? I am making a shawl with it, one which no longer appears on the Morehouse Web site, but I bought yarn and pattern at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Orgy.

So, the pattern calls for size 9-10 needles. I grabbed my Addi Turbos, size 9, and started.

And. I. Have. Never. Knit. So. Slowly. In. My. Life.

It's painful. The metal on the Addis is sticky and is slowing down my progress. The points are unbelievably dull and I find it difficult to knit into the back of a stitch. I do prefer Inox circulars, but I can't find them easily anymore. I am an instant gratification girl and I need new needles before I leave for Philadelphia next week.

So, any needle tips from you out there in blogland? I'll try anything.

Rabbitch just IMed me that she was drunk. Ah, the good old days of last week, when I came home drunk and after 2 AM every morning for two weeks...

Vitriola (aka "Anonymous Bitch Who Posts Lists of Mix Tapes I Made Her in Junior High"), this site is for you.


Blogger Jane said...

Strings 'n Strands carries Inox - if you are in Atlanta, that is. I bought some there the other day.

12:13 PM  

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